5 Best Cuban Rum to Gift Your Boss

5 Best Cuban Rum to Gift Your Boss (1)

On any occasion, we all want to impress our loved ones with the perfect choice of a gift. When it comes to selecting a gift for your boss, one might want to be selective. Neither would you want to choose a gift that looks inappropriate, nor would you go too lavish. One might choose something that looks modest and still dictate your efforts in making the right selection. There may be many purposes one may choose a bottle of Cuban rum for a gift over any other alcohol. While a bottle of wine may sound conventional, choosing a distinct spirit like rum can make all the difference.

A malty Cuban rum is a win as they have a smooth texture and are robust in distinct flavors. Also, rum is an elixir for a healthy heart, and moderate consumption can bring along a plethora of health benefits. 

1. Havana Club Anejo 

Probably one of the most loved rum for its long-lasting and smooth finish. The aromas of Havana club Anejo are coffee, spice, orange peel, and apple flavors. This is an exceptionally gorgeous combination of tropical flavors that blends milk rich caramel and vanilla. A drink that needs no mixer or even tastes robust in itself. It makes an appropriate choice of a gifting bottle to your boss as it needs no mixer or even ice and is known for being one of the best sipping rum. Also, one can add a new freshness to regular rum or brandy cocktails with this one. Attractively, priced at USD 30 for a seven-year-old expression and an alcohol content of 40%, this rum encompasses all parameters of a perfect rum gift for your boss.

2. Santiago de Cuba 

Reminding one of the Jamaican flavors, this rum is robust in flavors. Their aroma is a unique blend of fruity fragrance with tropic spices and brown sugar. When one sips this rum, the initial flavors are that of grilled pineapples and banana while the finishing notes are cinnamon and black pepper. It is a well-rounded drink for a gift that has a punch of fruity flavor with the finishes of pepper and mild spices. Aging in a sherry cask, this rum gains sherry nuttiness to it. The aging process does a lot to add a distinction to its expression. The flavor of the 12-year-old variant is more smoothly rich than an 11-year-old expression. However, the latter is USD 50, which makes it an amazing pick for the price. If you want to go for a more expensive gift, you can pick smoother and richer expressions that are 20 or even 25 years old. Though the alcohol by volume percentage remains to be 40 although, the aging adds smokiness and notes of oak seasoning to it, making it a gift dictating royalty and uniqueness.

3. Havana Club Gran Reserva 

If you want to woo your boss with an expensive, classy Cuban rum, you can go for a bottle of club Gran Reserva. Though priced at USD 150 that may be a little expensive than other rums on the market, it dictates style and elegance. The aroma of this rum is tones of flowers, honey, and clove while the texture is rich and smooth. Bursting with flavors that on a baseline are of baked apples and other tropical fruits. One may even experience the lingering flavors of figs and dates. This bottle of rum will make an immaculate gift that is a treat to the palate, leaving notes and flavors of fruits, spices, and brown sugar.

4. Havana Club Selección de Maestros 

Founded in 1934, the Havana club offers the most prolific rums in Cuba. Make a statement with its one of the favorite expressions of all time. It has a rich aroma with hints of sugar, ginger, nutmeg, and the oak, while the flavors have a lot of character ranging from fruity to rusticity that comes from cigar leaves and cedarwood. A long aftertaste of caramel adds to its brilliance makes it a keep for special occasions and parties. 

5. Ron Mulata Gran Reserva Anejo

A 15-year-old expression aged perfectly in oak casks. This rum is a totally indulgent and sometimes even difficult to find and that is what makes it a gift that your boss deserves or at least feels that he deserves. Mildly spiced, it has a light and subtle flavor to it. Often counted as a neat smooth drink, it pairs beautifully well with a cigar. This one makes for a gift your boss would love.

The bottom line

Cuban rum is light, crisp, and offers a perfect balance. Cuban tradition of making rum backed by high-quality sugar canes native to this place gives them an unmatchable flavor.  World-class distilleries made them secure top rank on the global market. For any liquor and collector, Cuban rum is a glory.

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