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5 Steps to Write an Effective College Essay

effective college essay

Writing an effective college essay is pitching about yourself to get admission to a college you desire. But since there are so many entries every year the only way you can stand out is by writing a good piece of content that covers your passion, achievements, failures, and learning over the years. You can always buy a college essay rather than writing it but don’t you want to feel or relive everything you have done by writing an essay yourself? If yes, then we have some tips for you that you can implement to make your essay effective:

Come up with an interesting topic

You will be given a set of topics but it is you who has to decide which one to attempt. You can use an essay help like prompter to figure it out or make pointers for each topic to analyze, i.e. which topic brings out the most creativity in you? When the topic is appealing and interesting you will have the complete attention of your reader.

Keep yourself focused

Nothing works great when you are distracted by your surroundings. Find a good place to work on your essay. As a student, you have much to worry about. But your essay needs to be perfect to increase your chances of getting into a university you like. Reading more, meditating, and sometimes even isolating can help build focus.

Talk about your twists and turns

Your essay is a mix of your good and bad days. This means only sugar coating won’t help. You need to tell your failure, success, achievements everything so that it sounds more real and not fabricated sentences.

Find time for writing

You can allot some hours daily just to commit to writing your essay. This is no homework or coursework and a lot depends on it. Simply wasting time on things not important will disappoint you at the end.

You can’t be effective without proofreading

This is the last detail you have to get correct. Proofread everything you write. There are a variety of online tools that can help you correct your mistakes.


It is a rewarding experience to pen down about you. It is because you can look back on what you did and how far you have come. You have to walk your reader through the same experience and therefore use careful words and sentences to nail your college essay. It will increase your chances of making it.

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