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6 Unique Types of Custom Popcorn Boxes

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Popcorns are the most mouth-watering snack, and most people want to have them at every party. Not only for party purposes, one can have them at home whenever they want. Popcorn, as the name suggests, is made from dry corn. When dry corn is heated, they get open up and become popcorns. This snack has a greater demand among all people. Popcorns carry fibres and are free of calories. People who are very much conscious about their diet and physics also eat popcorn without any worries. The flavours of popcorn are manifold. They are salty and sweet with either caramel or chocolate sauce.

Popcorns are the must-have snacks during parties and in theatres. Having popcorn in hand while watching a movie or show at home is very satisfying. Also, whenever they feel unwelcome hunger, they can easily make popcorn in a microwave in a short duration and can satisfy their starve. The popularity and demand for popcorns have shown they are irreplaceable. Therefore, popcorn businesses accommodate the best packaging solutions for their popcorn. They prefer to have different types of custom popcorn boxes to get a high out-reach. The types of packaging for popcorns may include the following:

Cone-Shaped Packaging:

Conical packaging is a unique way of presenting and serving popcorn to customers. Usually, thick paper sheets having flexibility are used to make these cones. These cones are easy to carry. Anyone can easily hold this conical packet while walking and eat popcorn without falling. The street vendors mostly serve popcorn in this conical packaging.

Paper Bags or Pouches:

Filling popcorns in paper pouches is the old way of serving popcorns, but it is still not out-fashioned. These bags are made from thick and folding paper sheets. You can fold the bag from its top to keep popcorns safe. These folding pouches are good to sustain the quality of popcorns for a reasonable period.

Cylindrical Boxes:

You must have seen these popcorn bags, especially outside the cinemas and theatres. Their use is common on other occasions and places as well. They are of cardboard paper and are of different sizes. For example, small cylindrical boxes having popcorns in them are the snacks served in birthday parties. You must have seen these mini boxes in other places like the park and zoo. Medium boxes are usually available at cinema places. Large-sized boxes filled up with mouth-watering popcorns are obligatory snacks in family gatherings.

Sealed Packets:

These packets have made people’s life so easy. These paper packets already have the ingredients of popcorn sealed in them. You just need to put the packet in the microwave and let it expand. You can have fresh homemade popcorn in a minor amount of time.

Cardboard Buckets:

They are made of thick cardboard paper and have a spherical shape. These are easy to carry and can also have customized handles with them. They are of different sizes. The mini size is usually known as the popcorn cup. Popcorn businesses also add customization in their popcorn packaging. They add a brief description of their company on the backside of the bucket to make their brand more visible. Most popcorn companies made theme-based popcorn cartons to attract customers. Like in any sports match, one can buy a popcorn bucket that has the prints of their favourite team.

Tin Boxes:

The most advanced type of popcorn packaging is tin boxes. Usually, these boxes are used to keep caramel popcorns. As they are of tin material, their durability is high. You can keep popcorns in them for later too. Sustainability is the ultimate demand of most of the audience. And when companies fulfil people’s requirements, there will be more chances of repurchasing and the addition of new customers.

Personalized Popcorn Packaging:

Popcorns are liked by everyone because they are a healthy snack with zero calories. Besides, people crave to eat popcorns and consider them obligatory stuff while watching movies. The more customization you add in your packaging solutions, the better marketing you will achieve. The word ‘popcorn’ mounted on the boxes is enough to grab the attention of the customers as popcorns are the all-time favourite snacks of everyone. But you may also add your company’s description at the backside to enhance your brand identity.


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