All You Need To Find The Washing Machine That Fits Your Home Space

Especially in some of India’s metros, where apartments are often compared to shoe boxes, size does matter. It matters a whole lot. Besides energy efficiency and wash quality, and whether the washing machine is top loading or front loading, potential buyers are concerned with washing machine dimensions and capacity. 

Buyers want the best washing machine in India for their homes, at the best price. They also want a washing machine that can cater to the entire family’s laundry needs. More importantly, buyers need the washing machine to sit snugly in its designated spot within our shoe box-sized apartments.

And therefore, in India, size is a fairly common consideration and concern across washing machine discussion forums. But don’t worry, we have just the answers for you. 

Average dimensions of washing machine: 

While zeroing in on the perfect spot for your washing machine in your home, it might make sense to keep the norms in mind as far as dimensions go. Whether you have a large enough home that contains a laundry room, or instead set up your washing machine in one of your bathrooms (or in your kitchen or passageway), it is important to keep these dimensions in mind when planning or re-arranging the layout of your home. You’re working with anywhere between 50cms and 60cms width and depth and about 90 to 110cms of height; this is almost standard across all the best washing machines in India. 

Specific dimensions of washing machine: 

You will find differentiations of a few centimetres between different models and different brands in your quest for the best washing machine in India. Before you jump on the amazing deal that you just spotted on a Samsung fully automatic washing machine, you need to do a fit-check! Compare the dimensions of the available space in your home with the dimensions given for the model you have chosen. 

Also remember that either the top of the washing machine or the front of the washing machine will need to open. Account for that additional space. Do you have a very narrow and cluttered room? You probably want a top loading washing machine. Do you instead have a wide room, but low space? In that case you’ll most likely prefer a front-loading washing machine. 

Don’t forget to consider your needs: 

Remember that your washing machine needs should fit your family’s needs too, besides fitting its designated location in your home. There is no point in getting the best washing machine in India if it isn’t convenient for those in the home to use it. If there are seniors, or those with back problems doing the laundry, you may want to opt in for a top-loading washing machine no matter what. 

You may also be constrained by budget and might therefore have to choose a top-loading machine, irrespective of whether it suits the space available. Similarly, if those who need to use the washing machine are unable to lift clothes into or out of the washing machine, you will have to go with a front-loading washing machine, irrespective of whether it will fit in the space available. 


If you found yourself in one of the situations cited just above, worry not for you residing in the land of work-arounds! The spirit of innovation can come to your rescue here too.

Well, if the space available near your water inlet is not large enough to fit that Samsung fully automatic washing machine that you so badly want, maybe you can bring the washing machine to the water instead of bringing the water to the washing machine. Designed specially for washing machines that need to be stashed out of the way and then moved back to centre-stage are wheel solutions. You have the options of wheels that can be attached to the washing machine and a frame that your washing machine can sit upon. Take your pick!

Go ahead and get yourself (or your wife – especially if it is her birthday) that enviable Samsung fully automatic washing machine, or whatever washing machine it is that suits your specific needs and home dimensions.

So if you will take care of these things then it will definitely help you deciding the best washing machine as per your requirement. Hope this will help you choosing the best washing machine as per your requirements and space.

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