Are Megaways Slots a Scam?

Are Megaways Slots a Scam?

A new phenomenon has hit the slot games industry and it is called Megaways. It seems every slot is now getting on board with this as almost every new game is followed up by the word Megaways – play Fluffy Favourites with your phone today. It is only an occurrence that has come to prominence in the last two years or so it is understandable when players get a bit confused about the term.

What is a Megaways slot and does its popularity make it a scam?

What does Megaways mean?

A Megaways slot is a version of a slot game where all of the symbols on the reels are randomly generated as opposed to being a set number.

This adds up to some games with incredibly high numbers of pay lines. Some Megaways slots have up to or over a thousand ways to win. This is usually the tagline that the slot uses to get players to try the game.

Surely that is not a bad thing. More ways to win can only be a good thing. So why do some people consider this type of slot game a scam?

The numbers

Here’s where Megaways slots get a bit questionable. The symbols on the reels are random. That means that there is no real way to calculate how many ways a player can win.

On a regular slot game you can calculate exactly how many possible pay lines there are by multiplying the number of reels by the number of rows and the number of symbols on each row. It usually sits around the 20 range. In a Megaways slot this is not possible as the number of symbols is always changing.

They get around this by stating that the Megaways slot has ‘up to’ this many ways to win instead of stating it as fact. That has led to some players not trusting the format. But there is more to a Megaways slot.

Betting ranges and volatility

Since there are so many ways to win, you would expect the Megaways slot to have a high volatility and you would be right. You do win more often with a Megaways slot.

However, the betting ranges on a Megaways slot are so low that the amount that you win is never that much. Sure, with a max bet of 20p per spin, you are more likely to keep playing. Compare that to how much you would win and bet on a regular slot, it would more often than not add up to a similar amount.

It just takes you longer to get there with a Megaways slot.

The reason players choose to do this is because the Megaways slot always boasts a large jackpot. With how often you win it is highly unlikely for players to actually win this jackpot on just a few spins.


The way a Megaways slot is set up and advertised, it gives the impression that this is a slot type for those that want to become rich. However, its low betting ranges prevent this. That makes Megaways slot a little deceptive but they are far from a scam.

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