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Publickiss has started accepting guest articles, and we invite life, relationships, and entertainment, and voice with our audience.

Although we are very particular about what goes on our blog, we do read every guest post request we receive.

However, please do not send us any request without reading the guidelines because we would reject requests that do not adhere to our guidelines.

Important: We receive a lot of requests and our approval process is tedious. Please be patient with us because we take 5-10 business days to respond. If you do not get a response until 15 business days, you can use your article elsewhere. Please do not send follow-up mails; they won’t help.


If you are looking for prompt publishing, Publickiss has a “Sponsored Guest Post” option. Unlike the regular guest post, a sponsored story gets published within 1-2 business days. However, it must still meet our guest post guidelines, and it would need approval from our editors.

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Welcome to our “Write for Us” Contribution Page!

Are you passionate about sharing your thoughts and experiences on various aspects of life, relationships, and entertainment? We invite you to contribute to our blog and become a part of our diverse community of writers. We welcome submissions from individuals who can provide unique perspectives on the following categories:

  1. My Life: Share your personal stories, insights, and lessons learned that have shaped your journey.
  2. Women: Explore topics related to women’s experiences, empowerment, challenges, and achievements.
  3. Men: Discuss issues, emotions, and experiences specifically related to men’s lives and perspectives.
  4. Love & Relationships: Dive into the complexities of relationships, love, dating, and navigating the ever-changing dynamics of the modern world.
  5. Flirting & Flings: Explore the art of attraction, flirting techniques, and the exhilarating world of short-term romantic connections.
  6. Entertainment: Cover a wide range of topics related to movies, TV shows, music, books, and pop culture trends that captivate audiences.
  7. Sensual Tease: Delve into the realm of sensuality, passion, intimacy, and ways to enhance your romantic experiences.

By creating engaging and insightful content in these categories, you can contribute to our blog and help our readers find answers to their burning questions and discover new perspectives. We believe in fostering a supportive environment where writers can freely express themselves while providing value to our readers.

If you have a unique voice and valuable insights to share, we want to hear from you! Some of the search queries that people may use to find our blog and contact us for content submission include:

  • Relationship advice for modern couples
  • Tips for successful dating in the digital age
  • Women’s empowerment stories
  • Insights into men’s emotional well-being
  • Unforgettable love stories and lessons learned
  • Flirting techniques and strategies that work
  • Latest entertainment trends and reviews
  • Sensuality and intimacy tips for couples
  • Personal growth and self-reflection stories
  • Relationship challenges and how to overcome them

If you resonate with any of these topics or have a unique angle to offer, we encourage you to reach out and share your content with us. To submit your work, please fill out the contact form on our website or send us an email with your article pitch or completed draft.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your valuable insights with our community!

Note: Please make sure to familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines and ensure your content aligns with our blog’s tone and audience before submitting.