Bath Bombs: Are They Safe To Use Or Not?


Using bath bombs in each bathtub session seems like real fun. It’s even satisfying to see it explode in the water. The fragrance? Ahh, so soothing. Everything about them looks and feels fascinating but are they really safe to use for us? There’s this case that went out a few years back when a little girl hopped into the bathtub with the bath bomb inside. She got into the emergency immediately because many rashes were popped out of her body. So does it mean that we should get rid of the bath bombs entirely and don’t use them at all? Maybe not because there are some important precautions that one needs to make every time they buy and use the bath bombs. These precautions are given by dermatologists and specialists and not me. 

Don’t Ignore The Ingredients

Before buying shampoo, you’d read everything from the title of it to the ingredients. Why? Because you care a lot about your hair and don’t want them to be messed up. But if you care so much about your hair, then why not about your skin? Make sure that before you buy the bath bomb, you read all the ingredients. You must have a good understanding of them. Citric acid and baking soda are the two ingredients that cause that frizz and explosion. Apart from these two ingredients, you might find something like cocoa butter, sea salt, something related to essential oil for fragrance, etc. If you find something that isn’t familiar to you, google it at the moment to be on the safe side. 

See If You’re Allergic To Something

Allergies are common in some people. It’s not something very rare. Maybe you have an allergy to roses or your friend might be allergic to wood pulp. Some people also have dirt allergies. If you’re familiar with your allergy (if you have any), then you might also know what triggers it, right? When you’re buying the bath bomb, just make sure that you take a look at the list of ingredients. If there’s that triggering ingredient, then leave that bath bomb on the shelf and look for a safe one for you. 

Bath Bombs Might Not Be For Every Skin

Maybe you just have really sensitive skin that your body can’t take any of those ingredients. You have to figure this thing out immediately to see if bath bombs are for you or not. Do not use them if your skin is too sensitive. Don’t worry, you can simply use soap lather in the bathtub if you can’t use bath bombs, that would be great! Just pick the soaps that are packed in soap boxes with window. This window is actually a part of the packaging through which you can see the soap and it looks amazing. These creative soap brands get their soap boxes with window from Dawn Printing at the best prices. If you can’t even use soaps, then remember that showering is pretty fun as well. 

They Can Leave Your Bathtub Slippery

You see, there are ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter and essential oils in the bath bombs. When you use them in your bathtub, the oils and butter stick to the surface of the bathtub making it super slippery. This is why you’ll have to be extremely careful when you’re getting in the bathtub or getting out of it. It’s suggested that you take warm or hot baths so they could melt the oils and butter and they could easily rinse off. And if you just want to get out of all this frustration, just buy a bath bomb that doesn’t contain such ingredients. 

Get A Natural Bath Bomb

No, they don’t grow on trees. It’s not that “natural” I’m talking about, I’m talking about the bath bombs made up of natural ingredients and not chemicals. This is the best way to stay on the safe side because there won’t be anything harsh for your skin or its health. Every natural product that is included in the making of bath bombs is completely safe for the skin and some are even beneficial for it. I don’t see any problem here. So let’s make a natural bath bomb real quick.

  • Baking soda (2 cups)
  • Citric acid (1 cup)
  • Pure witch hazel
  • Pure essential oils (10-15 drops)
  • Colorant (spirulina, ratanjot, and turmeric for green, purple, and yellow)
  • Molds

In a large bowl, mix the baking soda and the citric acid well. Then add the color of your choice using the mentioned ingredients. Don’t add too much of it. Add 20-25 drops of your favorite pure essential oil and then mix well. Get a spray bottle with witch hazel inside it, keep spraying into the mixture, and keep mixing it with your hands. The result will be something like snow (you can make snowballs or any shape with it). After that, you just make the molds of that mixture using whatever mold you want. 

Remember that they’re wet yet and are not ready to be released into the bathtub. Tap the mold gently so the bath bomb carefully lay on a towel to dry. Leave it for 30 minutes to let it dry and then it will be firm enough to be held easily. It’s not ready to be released in the water for some fun. 


It’s actually safe to use bath bombs for us but we have to be careful when we’re choosing them just like we’re careful when we’re choosing our makeup products. We check out the ingredients, we see if there’s something allergic to us in it, we take precautionary measures, etc. All these steps are extremely important because we all love our health more than anything. If we’re careful about these things, then there’s no need for you to stop using bath bombs and kill all of your fun. Just be careful and you’re good to go!

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