10 Best Escape Room Birthday Party Places 


Escape rooms have recently become a trendy option for organizing birthday parties. Most brands offer you attractive packages for birthday celebrations that not only fit your budget but also take away the stress of organizing the whole event. So, if this year you want to make an upcoming b’day bash memorable, an escape room birthday party should be on top of your list! Finding the right one for your party can be a task, however. But this article can put an end to your search for “escape rooms near me.” 

Mystery rooms are similar to a live-action video game. Before the time restriction runs out, you and a group of individuals must work together to explore the room, uncover clues, and solve the riddles. 

Why are Escape Rooms great for birthday parties? 

There are numerous reasons why escape rooms are the ideal choice for a birthday party. 

Everyone has a good time  

There are age limitations on several popular birthday party activities. A ‘you must be this height to ride’ sign at an amusement park might quickly spoil a child’s birthday celebration. A birthday spent bar hopping with pals makes anybody under 21 feel left out. 

On the other hand, escape rooms are for everyone. Nobody will feel left out in an escape room birthday party. To take part, all you need is an open mind and a willingness to have fun! 

The rooms are meant to be played in groups rather than alone. As a result, there are enough riddles and hints for everyone to participate. 

A Challenging Task  

Because escape rooms are full of team-building puzzle games, tackling the problems inside is rather tricky. 

You and your friends or family will have to work together to solve the clues in the room and complete the task before the time runs out! The end product is a beautiful sense of success that surpasses the thrill of opening a gift. 


Even a child’s birthday party may become quite costly after ordering the cake, preparing the beverages and snacks, and booking the area. 

The good news is that throwing a spectacular birthday celebration does not have to be expensive. Celebrating your birthday in an escape room can be a feasible alternative, even on a budget! 

Best Escape Room Birthday Party Places  

We have compiled a list of the best places you can plan your escape room birthday party for your next birthday party. 

1. Breakout Escape Room

Breakout offers everything from testing your thinking abilities to satisfying your appetite for thrilling experiences. This is something you must experience if you like doing anything adventurous.  

They offer everything required for you to have a fantastic birthday experience. It is perfect for adults as well as children.  

2. Riddle Room  

Riddle Room presents a form of an adventure game. The barriers between reality and fiction are blurred. Players are confined in a room and must use only their minds to solve complex riddles, break codes, and decipher ciphers to escape in 45 minutes. 

3. The Hidden Hour  

The Hidden Hour is one of India’s top escape room firms. The goal is to complete the task in 60 minutes by searching for hidden clues, solving riddles, and solving puzzles in mysterious rooms.  

For adventure-lovers who love to play something exciting with a lot of tension and pleasure, The Hidden Hour games are ideal for a birthday party. 

4. Riddle Race  

The Riddle Race is a novel, easy, and entertaining live escape game for parties of two to seven people. In a small chamber, you have 60 minutes to solve a pile of riddles and secrets.  

The objective is simple yet challenging: get out before time runs out! The adventure-filled experience will be perfect for your friends and family on your special day. 

5. Mystery Junkies  

Mystery Junkies is a unique brand of escape rooms founded by four mystery fans after months of investigation throughout the globe. These adventures are designed to be truly immersive, not merely a random collection of puzzles and themes. 

Each chamber has its own collection of historical props and cutting-edge technology to provide a thrilling journey behind each door. 

The escape rooms are specially designed for groups of two to eight people per room. The Mystery Junkies have got you covered if you’re searching for a fun adventure for your company for celebrating your birthday party. 

6. Unlocked: Escape room  

The Unlocked escape room is a real-life experience for a group of two to nine people. You can have a fantastic time with friends, family, and coworkers. 

A chamber full of hidden mysteries, enigmatic clues, and interesting riddles with a time limit of 60 minutes is sure to entice every mystery lover. 

7. GaminGalaxy Escape Room  

The game’s objective is to escape a locked chamber within the time restriction. To solve the mystery, work together to solve logical puzzles, find clues, and follow the plot.  

Each puzzle will get you closer to the ultimate escape! These escape room games are fun to spend time on during a birthday celebration. 

8. Enigma Cabins 

Have a great birthday celebration at Enigma Cabins. The escape room is suitable for everyone who enjoys a good challenge. 

Each game will run for 60 minutes and requires excellent teamwork. The games are very secure, and you can be sure that your game master will keep an eye on you at all times. 

9. The Amazing Escape  

The Amazing Escape will fascinate, amuse, and thrill you with colorful tales, tricky riddles, and exciting challenges. It’s a real-life adventure game in which you’re confined in a themed room. 

Your team must solve a series of riddles, locate clues, and escape in 60 minutes using collaboration and room features. There are seven different themes to pick from, making it even more amazing! 

10. The Escape Hunt Experience  

The Escape Hunt Experience is the ultimate live escape game. It allows you to channel your inner detective as you solve an intriguing murder case. 

The Escape Hunt Experience is a fun and thrilling session where you lose track of time while uncovering the mystery and escaping the chamber. This is a real escape game that will provide you with an unforgettable experience. 


The novelty of an escape room birthday party is part of the charm! In an escape room, you may embark on an adventure with your friends and family. Your visitors will remember their time together in the escape room, solving riddles and enjoying the captivating theme. 


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