Best Exercises to stay fit at home

Best Exercises to stay fit at home

With the increase in the use of technology in our daily lives, we have become very dependent on it. we are lacking in healthy activities like supports and exercise . It will not be wrong to say that our lives are driven by technology. And in this drive, we are becoming more and more unfit. For a very long time, especially since the last decades of the previous century, people have been adopting an unhealthy lifestyle that is dangerous to our health. But thankfully, with the availability of the resources and information, today, people are becoming more aware of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 

But still, there are many people who either don’t have the resources to get fit or don’t have time to go to fitness centers. Here we are mentioning the best exercises you can do at home and don’t kill your time. But before we move further, you must know the components of physical fitness development. 

Components of Physical Fitness Development

When we talk about fitness, an image of a ripped person comes to our mind. But in reality, fitness is much beyond this. Fitness comprises of six components:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Agility

So, if a person considers him/herself fit, he/she must make sure that he/she works on every component of it. Strength or stamina alone cannot make you physically fit. Now, check the best exercises that you can do without weights or going to the gym that activate your whole body and develop all the physical fitness components. Take a look.

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Running is considered to be the single best exercise out of all. It is the best exercise for building cardiovascular strength. Also, it helps in fat loss by making the legs and tummy tone. You can make your hamstrings and quads more muscular and toned by running for 40 minutes daily. Being a cardiovascular exercise, running also helps remove stress and anxiety as our body releases feel-good hormone when we run. The best of running is that we don’t require any equipment or a specific area to run; we just need to grab our shoes and can run anywhere.


Another excellent yet fun physical activity to perform is cycling. Cycling is considered to be the second-best cardiovascular exercise. This is why, in every good gym, you will find treadmills and stationary cycles in the cardio section. Again, this exercise is excellent and essential in shedding fat and strengthening and build hamstrings, quads, calves, and lower back muscles. You can even skip leg day if you cycle for an hour.

Riding is always fun, and the best part of cycling is that you will explore new things every time you hit the road. Also, you can explore new trails and tracks. To enjoy your bike ride, you require a good bike and other bike equipment, and there is no better place from Nashbar Black Friday 2020 Sale to get your favorite cycle.

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Next on the list is one of the best strength-building and muscle building exercise of all time, i.e., pushups. Since medieval times, pushups have been a very significant part of the workout(the variation may differ from modern time). The primary area that we target while doing pushups is our chest and triceps, while the secondary is our shoulders, upper back, and core. The best part of pushups is that it is a complete bodyweight exercise, and there are so many variations in which you can perform pushups. Just remember, the only way to get the most out of pushups is to perform correctly.


Another very significant and strength-building bodyweight exercise is pullups. Just like pushups, pullups have also been a core part of exercise and training for a very long time. You can perform different variations of pullups to target and hit different muscle groups. The whole idea is to develop pulling strength in the body. The primary area that we hit is the upper back. We also activate our shoulders, forearms, and core in this process. As discussed above, there are several variations in pullups that one can do; you just need a bar to hang. When you master pullups, you must challenge yourself with muscle-ups as it is the next step.

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High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is considered the best way to lose stubborn fat and develop muscle simultaneously. For those of you who are not familiar with it, HIIT is a circuit in which we perform one high-intensity exercise(cardio) to fasten our breadth and a muscle-building exercise alternatively for about 5 minutes. You must add HIIT to your workout routine, depending upon your fitness level, as it helps build stamina, strength, endurance, and speed.


Stretching is very important before and after the workout. Stretching helps in preventing many possible injuries that can happen while performing exercises. Our muscles and tissues tend to stretch till a particular point, and if we forcefully extend them beyond that point, we tend to hurt the muscles and tissues of that area. Thus, stretching is vital. Stretching also helps in improving our flexibility. There are so many thongs that we can do to improve 

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