Best Guide To Rental Cars in Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities with some of the most unique and limited edition cars in the world. It is one of the major attractions for tourists and renting luxury and sports cars is a thriving business in Dubai. People rent cars for several reasons in Dubai. Some who come there for vacations, some who are on business travellers and others who are working there, rent cars for daily commute and that is the beauty of it that you can rent a car for anything you require. For every reason, car rental companies have the best car rental deals for luxury and super cars too.

Cars You Can Rent in Dubai

When it comes to cars, Dubai likes to flaunt its variety and they rightfully deserve so. The demand for luxury and sports cars increases everyday and car rental companies are always on top of that demand. No matter what car you want to drive you can rent it from these rental companies and that too with best car rental deals. Sedan, SUV, Limousine, convertible, sports car all can be rented of any car brand, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Mercedes are considered as common car brands in Dubai for rent.

Choosing The Company For Renting the Car

Renting a car can be hectic if you don’t have a detailed knowledge of the companies and the process of renting cars. Choosing a good company for renting will provide you with the comfort and relaxation you are aiming for by renting a luxury car. The wise choice is to explore multiple options. Negotiating with them about their policies and deals and also checking their online reviews can help you choose the best company for you.

Best Car Rental Deals for Vacation and Business Trips

Almost all car rental companies offer car rental deals with multiple benefits. When you are in a business you don’t have to choose an overly priced sports car. You can go for a luxury car and choose the company who is offering a free mileage for that car as you might not have to travel far. This way you can save a fair amount of money too.

If you are on a vacation you might want to have the experience of a sports car. Many of the rental companies offer best car rental deals with free helicopter rides, yacht tours, free Burj Khalifa tickets and many free tickets to exotic places in Dubai.

Requirements for Renting Car in Dubai

For renting a car in Dubai you need to fulfil certain requirements. Dubai is very strict when it comes to transportation so whenever a foreigner is renting the car they need to submit the following documents.

  • Emirates ID (If you are a Resident)
  • UAE Driving Licence
  • A copy of passport
  • International Driving license (Age limit of renting a car in Dubai in 21 years and for some cars it is 25 years)
  • International driving permit if you don’t have a driving licence of the countries approved by RTA

Process of Renting Car In Dubai

The process of renting cars is different for car renting companies. Many of them provide online services and don’t demand any deposit for their rented vehicles. You can register yourself online, choose your vehicle, make the payment and you can have your car. Although knowledge about the deposits and insurance policy is a must.

Companies keep deposits to pay for any damage or any fines that are charged by RTA for ignorance of traffic rules or when a Salik toll booth is crossed by the rented vehicle. This deposit is returned to the client after the necessary deduction within a few days of returning the rented car.

Things That Should Not be Ignored While Renting a Car

Although car rental companies offer some of the best car rental deals on luxury and sports cars, you still have to look out for the hidden charges and taxes these companies keep hidden from you. You should always ask the company for deposits, insurances and taxes before making the deal.

Driving a car in Dubai can be expensive only if you don’t know the traffic rules. Traffic rules violations in Dubai can also lead to prison time so it’s best to have thorough knowledge about the speed limits and other traffic rules to avoid any inconvenience later. Car renting in Dubai is one of the luxuries that you have to avail to enjoy the spectacular infrastructure, to have relaxed and comfortable travel and to visit more places in a day. One thing is for sure that the experiences this city offers are doubled if you choose a luxury or sports car. You witness wonders and you get to ride elite cars what more you want from your vacation in Dubai.

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