Best Smartphones to Enjoy Multimedia Content with Big Screen

A Smartphone with big screen size is always preferable, be it for texting messages, watching videos, or playing online games. As these smartphones combine the features of mobile with that of a tablet, they are labelled phablets.

With internet use being ubiquitous, the utility of smartphones is now beyond simply calling and texting. Big phones with big screens mean more entertainment, thus catching the attention of both the young and the old. Besides, these big phones come with big-sized batteries that allow scope for prolonged battery life.

Preferred Options

Numerous companies are selling larger handsets. The higher-end big smartphones with large, bright displays include the iPhone 11 series, Google Pixel phones, Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Vivo NEX, and the Galaxy Note 20 series. However, those with a limited budget can opt for Mi phones under 15000 INR, that lend the same benefits, albeit at a lower price.

Powered by the latest Android operating system, you will find many Mi varieties that cost below Rs. 15,000. Some of them are the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. The availability of such budget phones drives away the craze of spending one’s earnings on high-end phones to mid-range phones with all the necessary features.

Checking RAM Size

One of the features that many of us look for is the RAM size while buying a new phone. Paying for a 4GB RAM phone is passé as the market is now flooded with 6GB RAM mobile phones. For example, in the 6GB RAM category, Mi alone sells at least five different phones below Rs. 15,000.

The need for a 6GB RAM mobile is much debated as phone manufacturers argue against the futility of having such a large memory to hold data. The truth is that only the future-oriented buyers will opt for such a phone, that allows them to open and use multiple applications simultaneously.

A higher RAM makes way for easier handling of more apps, thus enabling faster switching between the apps. Besides, better handling of data in the background allows us to open and leave more pieces of software running. Launched with semi-premium features that promise high performance, high megapixel cameras that lend sharp image quality, and a bright, vivid display for your content, these budget phones from Xiaomi lend a taste of luxury at affordable prices.

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Enjoying Big Phones

There is a charm around smartphones with bigger screens as the larger display allows more increased text display, especially when you are viewing your emails online. This is mostly helpful to buyers who scan the content on various websites on the go, or prefer to read and reply to their emails on their phones. A tiny screen may look attractive, and poses no inconvenience to those who use their phones to make calls or send text messages.

Big-screen phones are best suited for those who enjoy multimedia content and wish to view images with better composition. Video calls get better as they lend the effect of callers being closer despite calling from entirely two different locations. Big phones are here to stay as some of the best smartphones now come with big screens, apart from a host of other features.

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