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Childhood Memories That You Can Recreate This Diwali

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Childhood Memories That You Can Recreate This Diwali
Well, if I ask you if you remember your first Diwali, your answer would probably be NO. Obviously, nobody does have that sharp memory to remember their first Diwali. You must be too small to remember and would be passed on by your relatives for some cuddle. Although we all remember so little from the past, we do remember being loved and happy as compared to now. Life was so much easier back in the past. We had people to lean on. Nobody would break our trust or backstab us at any point in time. However, things have changed drastically lately in our lives; the festival of Diwali does not fail to make us feel happy and stress-free for the time being. However, how about we recreate those happy Diwali moments once again in our lives? Cool, right? Let us make them happen in our life again and feel the same way as we did in the past. No, it is not a cliche or cheesy task to do. dIn fact, it will bring peace and calm to our souls. Just like getting online Diwali gifts delivery in Mumbai brings an instant smile to our faces, living life from childhood would do the same for us. So, here are the things that we all can recreate easily. So, let’s get started straight away. 

  • Being Dressed Up By Our Parents Choice:

Remember, our parents would do everything for us. From choosing our attire for the evening to what cracker to burst, they did it all for us. However, as we grew up, we do realize that we started doing these on our own. This Diwali, ask your parents to pick up your Diwali attire from the market. Another innovative idea that you can opt for is you can recreate the same clothes from the pictures of Diwali you celebrated a few years back. Today, recreating clothes or customizing clothes the way you need has become a cakewalk. So, just pick any picture from childhood Diwali and enjoy recreating a Diwali from the past. 

  • Grabbing all those fireworks that we purchased in the past:

Although I do not support having crackers burn on Diwali for the pollution they cause to the environment, I would still ask you to crack those crackers that you used to burst in your childhood. I know we do not get those crackers now easily; however, it is not impossible to find those crackers. Start the hunt of searching those crackers and get them before the festival really approaches. You must have been having a list of crackers in your mind already, right? So, before delaying anymore, you can get those crackers and recreate some golden moments from your childhood once again. 

  • Playing old songs like before:

Remember, dancing to the tunes of the ’90s was such a refreshing thing to do? Every year, from adults to kids, everyone dances their asses off to the tunes of famous songs, which have become a rare thing these days. So, after having a soulful Diwali dinner, you should really play the songs and dance with your loved ones the way you did in your childhood. Believe me, this may not sound like something really exciting to you as of now, but doing so on the festival of Diwali will melt your heart and would help you relive all those golden moments from the past.  

  • Fighting over gifts that did not belong to us:

Well, honestly, I have fought deadly battles worth my siblings and cousins to acquire a gift item that did not belong to me. It was just for the stubbornness of getting the gift that we liked. So, why not do something like that this Diwali. As soon as you and youtube family starts unpacking the gifts, regardless of the gift recipient, start booking the gift ite that you feel like. Your family members and siblings would be very mad at you for doing so, but it would eventually turn into a hilarious scene that one can think of. However, if you feel like nine of your family members want to give away their gifts, then just return the gifts at the end of the unpacking task. Order Diwali gifts online for your loved ones and do your bit to make them feel special and loved. 

  • Ask your mother to cook your favorite dish:

Yes, remember the time we could not wait for the evening so that we could really hop into the dishes prepared by our mother at home? I remember drooling over the thought of having my favorite dishes for the evening, the Diwali treat would water muy mouth, and I could not just wait for the dinner to start. So, ask your mother this Diwali to prepare you your favorite dishes and get excited to have them in the evening just like the old times. 

So, are you ready to recreate these golden and best memories from childhood this Diwali? Go and live your best days for your past. 

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