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Ask Critical Questions About Glue For Circumcision Surgery

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Today new and improved techniques have been developed that are a great help in the surgical procedure. The one advancement that has been made in the medical field is the use of skin tissue glue ti stitch up surgical wounds.

Critical Questions Concerning Glue Circumcision Surgery For Adults

There has been a long and comprehensive debate on whether to use the conventional technique for closing the wound in circumcision surgery for adults or apply the skin glue. To make the right choice the patients have the privilege of asking questions about the glue.

How Will Penis Look After Applying The Glue?

The glue is an adhesive gel that is applied to the edges of the circumcised wound. It can be combined with stitches as well for maximum protection. It is waterproof and can dry up in 5 to 7 minutes which does not affect the appearance of the penis.

What Is The Proper Procedure Of Glue Application?

When the foreskin of the penis is removed according to the procedure then the edges of the inner and outer foreskin are joined and then glue is applied to close the incision.

How Strong Is The Skin Glue?

The surgical skin glue is made of special material made from natural products helping to heal any wound. These kinds of glues are very strong and can even withstand penis erection.

Is It Effective For Reverse Circumcision In Adults?

As the scars in using the glue are minimal to none; so if you are thinking to reverse the circumcision surgery then simply remove the glue and get the best results.

Why Surgeons Prefer Using It In Circumcision Surgery?

The surgeons have now come to know the importance of the glue in stitching up the surgery. Many clinics like Circumcision Center are shifting from the traditional to the skin glue.

After What Time The Glue Comes Off?

Although the skin glue dries within 7 minutes after application, it takes almost 15 days to completely come off. You don’t need to peel it off because it comes off on its own.

Does The Patient Feel Any Kind Of Pain?

The slight pain that the patients feel is because of the wound of circumcision surgery for adults and medication is given to relieve the agony.  As soon as the wound is healed the pain goes away and within the time the glue comes off.

How To Care For The Circumcision Surgery With Glue?

The glue is specially made to keep the circumcision wound waterproof. Still, a few things have to be done so that proper care of the wound is done. Wash hands before touching the bandage, clean the penis immediately after urinating, make sure to dry the penis at all times, and avoid wetting the wound.

What Symptoms Of Infection To Look For?

If you see that the wound is swelling or becoming red, the pain is increasing, blood is discharging mare often and fever is consistent; then beware that you are having issues.

At What Time To Consult A Surgeon?

After having circumcision surgery for adults you must watch out for signs of complications and if they increase in intensity then immediately go to the doctor. But you have to visit the surgeon on regular basis to keep a check on the circumcised penis.

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