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About EHR Demo is specially designed to help you manage your practice super efficiently. It offers a variety of different features that will help make your work run extremely smoothly and make your work interesting and simple. not only makes sure to provide you all the features to streamline your practice but also offers additional benefits that we are going to talk about as we go forward in this article. Without further delay, let’s talk about the five EHR features that make this software one of the best. EHR features

The top five features of that we are going to talk about today are as follows

  1. Client Scheduling and Treatment plan
  2. Client billing and Invoicing
  3. Client Records and notes
  4. Secure Live videos and Live chat
  5. Secure Messages, Custom forms, and Questionnaires 

Client Scheduling and Treatment plan allows you to make easy treatment plans for your clients. The templates are super simple to use and they include diagnosis descriptions, codes, problems with risks, Issues and concerns, goals to achieve whether they are long term or short term, main aims and objectives, strategies, and a lot more. With the help of, you can easily customize these plans and manage them according to your needs with the help of the information that this software provides.

Moreover, makes Client Scheduling the easiest ever for you. You have your own calendars that help clients see your availability. The doctors can easily customize their calendars and show the dates and times that they want the clients to see and you can also customize the time length or session length that you want to offer. You can also schedule online video sessions with them. This way it is very easy to manage as the clients know your availability and they can adjust their time accordingly. In the end, both the counselor and the client have the booking and appointment details which are very easy and convenient for both sides. 

Client Billing and Invoicing 

If you have ever used an EHR software for billing, you must know the importance of this feature. It is very important for a good EHR software to have a Billing feature because when you are a doctor, you want to focus on the client’s treatment rather than getting paid. Billing features sends all the invoice details to your clients and process payments using a payment processor. The clients can easily make the payment online through the portal. Payments and revenue are tracked with the help of Billing and invoicing feature that helps the doctor focus entirely on the patient.

Client Records and Notes is a great EHR software that offers Notes feature. Maintaining client notes and tracking the progress with the help of notes is very important. Client information needs to be secure and safe which is why offers end to end encryption. Only you will have access to that data and since it is saved in one place, you never have to worry about the data getting lost. All the data is backed up and you never have to worry about anything. 

Secure Live Video and Live Chats

Constant improvement is always a good thing. You can help make your work smooth and can offer your clients with live video counseling. offers very special features that are designed specifically for counselors who want to give video sessions to their clients. It is super simple to use on both ends and can be very convenient for both parties. 

Secure Messages, Custom forms, and Questionnaires 

With the help of, you can create your own forms of any kind to be filled online. You can customize the questions according to your preference to gather relevant information. Everything you collect is secure and safe in this EHR software. It helps you a lot during your practice and helps you learn the best ways in which you can benefit your clients. 

You can book a EHR Reviews if you want to test these features out yourself. 


These are our favorite features of According to EHR reviews, these features have helped many users in their practice.

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