CureMD EHR Software: Pros, Cons, & Insight

What is an EHR? 

The term EHR stands for Electronic Health Record and while it sounds like it merely stores electronic health records for patients, it does much more than that. These days EHR systems are equipped to handle anything required in the day to day running of a practice. This means they can help with scheduling, they can even help with billing and so much more! CureMD is one of many EHRs currently available in the market. So if you are considering the CureMD EMR Software for your practice, then you are in the right place because we will be discussing everything about it; the pros and cons and whether it’s really worth your time and money! Keep on reading to find out more. 

Features of CureMD

  1. Templates

A medical EHR should always cater to a wide audience and that means it should account for several specialties. This is something that CureMD does, the software acknowledges various specializations with its template library which lets users pick which template they would want to use and would be most appropriate for their specialization. 

  1. Billing

A big part of any business including a medical practice is to ensure that your billing is done on time and correctly. While human error is possible in scenarios where humans are involved, with CureMD Billing, the chance of error is almost zero because of an extensive software doing the job for you meticulously. 

  1. Scheduling and Tracking

A very important aspect of running a successful practice that not only retains its clients but also gains new one due to favorable word of mouth by current patients is making sure that appointments are booked and attended to seamlessly. With CureMD Software you are able to schedule appointments for customers easily and have them added to the relevant physicians schedule as well. The software also allows you to track the patient’s history as well as keep track of their subsequent follow ups. This streamlines patient care and enables you to not worry about losing track of appointments and follow ups. The software also sends reminders to patients so they show up for the appointment which in turn is beneficial for you as dealing with no-shows is a big pain in any practice. 

  1. Data and Reports

A big part of being a physician that no one really tells you is the amount of data and reports you have to compile and go through for each patient. Patient charts are pertinent to keeping track of the patient’s progress and case. A lot of CureMD reviews talk about how seamlessly the software integrates charts for virtals and other relevant test results into patient charts to give the doctor a holistic picture of their health without having to go back and forth in several places to get an idea. 

  1. Personalized Dashboard

Being a physician is stressful enough but to add an uncooperative software to the midst might cause a lot of problems along with the usual stress. A personalized dashboard feature can thus be a game changer. A lot of CureMD EHR reviews talk about how helpful and time saving the feature really is. Physicians can set up the dashboard to their own preference, keeping things they regularly reach in plain sight and being able to manage their dashboard and data the way they like. This helps a lot since you now can automatically get used to the software according to your preferences instead of it being the other way around.

The Pros of CureMD

Like we outlined above, the features CureMD offers its users are quite a few. The fact that it has an integrated design where you can communicate with patients and also be able to get in touch with labs makes the exchange of information and keeping track of things much easier. The software is also accessible on various types of devices including tablets and smartphones which makes it very user-friendly and accessible remotely as well. CureMD pricing is also very flexible with different subscription options available for you to subscribe to

The Cons of CureMD

There are a few things which make CureMD a little less desirable. One of the issues is that in a lot of CureMD EHR reviews users mention that the EHR does not have good customer service and they are left facing issues with not much help from the company. A lot of users also complain about how the software can at times be slow which causes a hindrance to their work. However, the company is always updating and bettering its software and working on bugs that are reported. 

Is CureMD Worth it?

While we have outlined the general consensus about the software, we cannot say for certain whether it would be worth it for you specifically or not. The reason for this being that every software has pros and cons and its usefulness depends on whether it suits your specific needs or not. If the points outlined above are aspects of a software you are interested in then you can opt for the software. But again, we ask you to evaluate your needs before you set out in search of software so you know what you are looking for. The CuredMD EMR pricing is a considerable cost which is why the decision should be made carefully. In the end, only you can ascertain whether this software would be appropriate for your practice or not.

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