Developing a complete tourist guide, Tripadvisor Clone app to have a better tourist experience

The TripAdvisor clone app assists entrepreneurs to have their travel platform that helps customers to plan trips by providing genuine reviews of the travel destination from fellow travelers. Over the past years, Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store are scattered with apps focused on different industries. According to Statista, it reports that there are more than 2 million apps on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. And one of the wanted apps are travel apps. Over the past few years, these apps have created a substantial impact on travelers and have brought hefty and a massive profit in developing the travel app.

Why use an app like TripAdvisor?

Travelling is commonly known as bag packing and going to a few places for a stay. But it is more than that. It is interacting with new people, getting to know more cultures and styles around the world. It helps to gain confidence. Traveling solo with people you had not met before & learned new and different ways to deal with your own life expands your exposure and experience. Traveling changes the perspective towards life.

To make the travel experience easy, memorable, comfortable, and unforgettable, we develop a Travel application like Tripadvisor. This TripAdvisor clone app development not just eases your traveling, but it helps take care of the rest. All tourist-related things like booking, exploring nearby places, visiting tourist spots to arrange your stays to tickets, etc., are made available in one app.

Benefit of using a Travel app

Having a travel app like Tripadvisor helps users have a confident and non-reliable journey. They will not need to contact a travel agency to book their tickets, stay, or anything concerning travel. Everything is done with this travel clone app. People prefer using a tourist app like Tripadvisor, and they are in huge demand these days because it helps them to do everything by themselves. So they are looking for a travel app clone to book and get knowledge about traveling. These days, people are using more and more travel apps to book and learn about traveling.

Some of the important features in the TripAdvisor Clone Script

  1. User Profile
    It ensures users to showcase their individual profiles.
  2. Login
    It helps to log in through email, Social Login, or by entering their details after downloading the clone app.
  3. Search filter
    The app allows users to sort out their required travel and accommodation booking by the advanced search filter option.
  4. Feedbacks
    This feature lets various other users upload the hotel room and share their experience with their stay for future visitors.
  5. Get a Deal
    It’s like an Ecommerce app to get a user to get verified information for traveling like hotels to travel tickets and then after they can apply a coupon or any offer available to them.
  6. Holiday Package
    There are many online holiday packages available for them that contain the combined deal of both the travel tickets and hotel stays.
  7. Navigation
    This feature helps the user to navigate and track themselves to the booking location by using the GPS in the application which provides the user nearby landmarks and directions for the same.
  8. Booking Cabs
    This is a very premium feature a user gets in the application which helps the user to book a cab through the application itself and this makes the journey more comfortable to explore the places around.
  9. Booking a Guide
    This feature helps the user to book a guide on the travel location. It helps them to get knowledge about the location. The app facilitates app users to book a guide and get the guide’s contact information and details.
  10. Payment methods
    A user can pay through the application through the Payment Gateways provided in the application

Advanced Features of Travel App

  • Travel Planner
  • Checking Availability
  • Instant Booking
  • Add to Cart
  • Creating Personal Albums
  • Time and Money Estimator
  • Weather Forecaster
  • Currency converter
  • Translator
  • Event Locator

Summing Up,
The market for on-demand travel apps is prospering mainly due to an increase in uber-like travel app like TripAdvisor by the travel explorers. The TripAdvisor clone script is incorporated with rich features to provide a first-class experience for users and enhance its usefulness.

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