Document Automation & Management

Document Automation & Management

Document automation software for lawyers is turning out to be an essential part of their work. It helps to easily draft documents with very less scope for errors. It also helps in generating bulk copies of documents in a short period of time, thereby providing document workflow solutions. Additionally,  Check this out certain tools can help clients connect with law firms easily, and gain speedy access to documents with lesser amounts of effort. The advantage is that all of these can be done by just a few clicks or with the touch of some buttons. 

Legal document automation includes activities such as simple form filling processes or mail merging to complex processes such as drafting customised documents by making various changes specific to clients. It can be used internally as document workflow solutions or externally to gather information from clients.

Choosing Legal Document Automation Software

It’s not an easy task to find the right document automation software for lawyers. However, it could help if you have a clear idea about the requirements and features you would like to prioritise while opting for legal document automation software.

Complexity Level of Document Automation Software

Get a good understanding about the end product you will require. Be specific about the type of documents you would create more in your organisation. These points are important for you to consider before you take a decision regarding which legal document automation software to choose – ensure you know well, what you will need to create. This can provide a good idea about your actual requirements, such as something that would integrate and automate the entire workflow to provide high functionality.

The second priority should be given to determining if a third-party can be hired to set up the document automation software. Many products available in the market don’t require any experience in coding. There are various drag and drop platforms that can completely eliminate the need for deep knowledge in coding. Last but not the least, it’s essential to check if the modern technology can coexist well with the existing technology in your organisation. 

Common Features of Certain Document Management Software

Open API:

API means the programme has an application programming interface that allows it to directly integrate with various software’s such as the firm’s accounting, timekeeping and so on.

Version Control:

The software can provide information on document revisions and can ensure that you are using the most recent and updated version of a document template.

Features of Document Automation:

Document assembly software uses the document templates and information from a form or other source just like law practice management software or CMS which can help in assembling documents for you.

Document Templates:

It creates reusable templates which needs to be tweaked based on different clients and their needs.

Guided Interviews:

The software can create guided interviews with ease and can use clients’ answers to automatically create a document.

Conditional Logic

The document automation software for lawyers makes use of conditional logic wherein you can choose to have certain text assembled in the document which can be only included under certain conditions.

Tables: The software can provide document workflow solutions by generating tables of any size and place them in the assembled document, Request demo in

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