Embed Free Social Media Feeds for Your Website

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow organizations (be it MSME or a well-established firm) to communicate with their clients, in a more personal and direct manner. Not all of your customers, however, are aware of your presence on social media. They may not know that you post pictures about the daily updates, events, announcements, future launches and clients using your product.

So, why not show off your most engaging content by directly embedding social media feeds for website across the web platforms? It is a cakewalk as it involves coding-free installations and also you can do this for free. This allows social media and your site to be seamlessly connected, contributing to even more organic traffic. Your website visitors will connect and follow you with the help of the content, increasing your audience through all their favourite platforms.

Free Social Media Feeds For Your Website

Social media platforms are free to use. This implies that you do not have to pay any cost to incorporate them on your website. There are free social media aggregators, such as Tagembed, that use potential tools i.e., widgets for different social networking sites.

We have listed some of the free social media feeds that can be integrated on your official business page.

1. Instagram Feed

With this versatile app, Instagram, you have the ability to get your entire webpage filled by the Instagram feed. A pop-up with all the detailed info about every image such as comment, like, hashtag and caption, is another great feature. This adds Instagrm’s look and feel to your website and can help boost sales. It leverages social evidence that contributes to an increase in brand value.

2. Facebook Feed

Facebook is the perfect platform for gathering potential clients because of its diverse user engagement. Through Facebook, users can find details about your business. Feeds stream posts from your Facebook business page to your official brand website which includes pictures, videos, reviews, user generated content and other brand related content. This ensures that without having to leave your website, customers can see a sneak peak about your business activities.

3. Twitter Feed

A great way to communicate with your audience is via Twitter. By embedding your Twitter feed on your website, you can even receive a few more followers. With a Twitter stream, you don’t have to be worried about the difference in the color of feeds and your website design. You can customize the visual gallery to look exactly as you want it to be. The style, layout and border can also be customized. Moreover, the app has an even more impressive function that enables you to add your own CSS.

4. YouTube Feed

YouTube is another dynamic social media platform that will help you serve all the needs of your website. You can build a video channel on the web page that includes videos posted to your channel, tagged with a particular hashtag or any other video posted to your YouTube playlist. This gives your website a more appealing and buoyant look.

5. Pinterest Feed

Displaying your Pinterest content on your website can do a lot for your business. Your company portfolio, deals, motivational images and other content will be visible to the new visitors as well. This not only helps in brand promotion but increases followers as well. Pinterest has everything to help your business grow. In a few simple steps, integrate your profile and it will be displayed for seamless subscribing with your original account header and Follow button.

Tagembed – The Best Social Media Aggregator

Tagembed is an array of tools that compile, moderate and integrate feeds from different social media sources and display them across the web platform as a well curated visual gallery. It contributes in glorifying your website visuals and improves website performance with more traffic and engagement. Moderation tool allows you to restrict unwanted posts to keep useful and premium content on your website.

Embed the social feed from all the popular social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and more, on your business website without requiring any technical knowledge. This free social media aggregator liberates you from the pesky and complex integration methods. 

Profitable Reasons to Display Social Media Feeds On Website

You can sync fresh content automatically with your website, which is usually generated by your most loyal followers. Showcasing user generated content will ultimately help you build confidence and result in more lead generation.

To sum up, here are the key advantages of showcasing feeds on your website:

  • Create engaging content for your website visitors.
  • User generated videos have tremendous shareability potential and there is a greater likelihood that they will go viral, which will help in improving follow-up.
  • Grab user attention and engage them for long, which increases dwell time.
  • Enhance website visuals with nothing extra.
  • Using aggregator, you can accumulate the most credible and trustworthy content created by users such as images, testimonials, reviews etc and embed it on the website to create social evidence.
  • Use social proof, user interaction, higher dwelling time, more traffic, etc to direct users to conversions and eventually increase sales.

The aforementioned benefits are the primary and most crucial outcomes that will help you with the smooth working of your business affairs and facilitates in enhancing your brand value.

Tips to Use Social Media Feeds Effectively 

Social media in itself is a powerful implement. Hence, be mindful of what content shows up on the site. The following tips will help you gain more engagement:

  • Always ask feedback from your customers regarding the ideas you shared. Clients love being a part of your activities.
  • Maintain relevant content that is of interest to your audience. Add new content to social media consistently from related brands and influencers as well.
  • To inspire individuals to share it, it’s mandatory to include a CTA. People love sharing stuff that they enjoy.
  • To make it easier to search, hashtag all your content with your company name. Ensure a unique hashtag for your brand.

Final Words

Regardless of whether you have an e-commerce store or blog that you want to stand out and engage your customers, social media feeds allow advertisers to instantly improve the performance of your website by leveraging their social media presence.

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