6 Best SEO Strategies for an Escape Room Business 


Now that the entire world around you is updating itself to the online mode, it’s high time to have your business acquainted with the same. With several companies going online every day, there is so much competition that your newly established escape business is bound to struggle to stand out in the market.

If you wish to keep your escape room business afloat and make it thrive, knowing and harnessing the proper SEO strategies is necessary. Here in this article, we have enlisted for you the top 6 SEO strategies that you can use to boost your escape room business.   

Why is using SEO strategies for your escape room business necessary at all?  

Just think of what happens when you search anything on Google- whenever any user enters a search query, they are provided with several articles, all ranked according to their relevance as per the keywords used in the search. So, as you may already know, it is only by ranking higher on these Google search results that you can hope to have greater traffic on your website.  

The way to ensure that your website ranks higher on Google search results is by using various kinds of SEO strategies in your website. A good SEO implementation will allow your website to reach out to a greater number of people and thus create sufficient awareness. Furthermore, you must remember that by ranking your website higher amidst the others on the web, you would also be able to promote a better reputation of your brand. This, of course, would work to serve as an immense advantage to you. 

If you are new to SEO, things can get pretty confusing since the term encapsulates a lot of different tools and strategies under one umbrella. To help you out, here are the best 6 SEO strategies that can help you get started on your journey of online marketing:  

1. Know your audience first. 

Before all else, the first thing that you need to do is identify the audience whom you wish to target. Ideally, for any escape room venture, your audience would largely be teenagers and young adults looking for some thrill and excitement. However, you might also expect to have a fair share of players from other age groups.  

For any kind of business that works in the online mode, this process of identification of the audience is essential. It is only by identifying your audience before anything else that you can better implement your plans and carry out your strategies well.   

2. Do proper research on SEO-based keywords. 

It is well known that all searches on the Google search engine are simply the right clutter of relevant keywords. Your viewers on the web would always be searching with a different mix and match of suitable keywords. So, as you might have already guessed, your content should contain the relevant keywords. 

Thus, you need to do a proper and detailed search for keywords that are relatable to your content. Once you are ready with the right set of keywords, you can go ahead to put them to use in your content. The importance of using the right kind of SEO strategies to increase the visibility of your website on the web is very crucial. So make sure you double-check on that list of keywords before implementing them in your content right away!   

3. Catch an eye with your title! 

Even though we should not be judging a book by its cover, there are a greater number of times when we end up doing so. If something looks alluring or attractive in some way or the other, people are going to check it out. But, on the other hand, if something looks rather dull and unattractive, there are far fewer chances of people checking it. 

The very same thing applies to your escape room website too! You must work hard on making your website seem as alluring to the eyes of your viewers as possible. The title of your website is the first thing that their eyes will land upon, so make sure it is catchy and alluring. Also, using the proper primary keywords in your title can be a great way not just to rank higher on search results but also to catch the interested eye!   

4. Give your best to create a strong and provocative meta description 

Meta description constitutes the few words that remain visible to viewers underneath each website title on the search results. Apart from using the right title, it is also equally vital to have the perfect meta description for your website. 

As this is the part that explains, in short, the content that you provide, make sure it’s catchy, short, and provocative. However, while working on meta description, keep in mind that Google often rewrites it to show the information that the user might be looking for. But even though Google might end up rewriting this part for you, it remains a vital aspect of boosting organic traffic on your website.  

5. Voice Search Optimization – the new guy! 

With the increased use of innovative and advanced technology like Alexa or Google Virtual Assistant available these days, several daily searches are made using them. So, it is also essential for you to keep voice search optimization in your mind as you work on creating your content based on SEO strategies!  

You can easily do this by using specific keywords like ‘escape room koramangala’ or ‘escape room in bangalore’ which are location-based on your website. Furthermore, the use of a rather colloquial and local dialect/tone of your target audience in writing your content can also do you good. By following these few simple tricks, you will find voice search optimization to be completely under your power!   

6. Work on curating high-quality content. 

Of course, you must focus on creating high-quality content to be uploaded on your website regularly. Research and studies show that the majority of viewers on the web tend to look for longer articles than short ones. So, emphasizing creating long articles for your website should be your target.  

However, while working to produce long articles for your website, do ensure that they don’t end up being boring. For as you might be aware, your viewers would likely be turned away from your website once the content gets too dragging or boring for them.  Provided you can produce and present content of the best possible quality; there is nothing that can stop viewers from checking out your website!  


So, there you have the 6 best SEO strategies that you implement in your escape room website today! It is important to remember that different SEO moves will benefit different aspects of your website and to different degrees. Just because one strategy is showing better results than the others does not mean you should discard the rest. SEO needs to function like a well-oiled machine with all its separate parts working together harmoniously. So, identify your goals and problem areas, implement the relevant tools, and let the strategies do their magic! 


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