Everything You Need to New About New Car Paint Protection

When you decide to buy a new car. You must have its protection in your mind. You want your new car paint protection. It is compulsory to keep the car safe from scratches and to avoid direct sunlight heat. This is an optional treatment that is only offered if you are buying a new car. You won’t see anything change in your car. The shield is a spray-on clear coat of protection added to the paint before you take your new car home. This is the only source that protects your vehicle from natural occurrences such as bird droppings, chips, and tree sap.

Protection Through Paint

There are several different types of paint protection available. The most common is a spray-on application, as these strong chemicals are not meant for human skin. Different kinds of brands are selling their sprays especially for the protection of new cars. Different brands are using the almost same chemical formula for the formulation of spray but the color is different. Or maybe the chemicals used in the sprays are slightly different or used the different ratios to make it. However, the chemicals used in the paints are used for protection that includes polymer paint sealants. These chemicals are meant to provide a layer of protection for a short period of time. If you want to keep your paint protected year-round, it is best to have them applied multiple times a year. Ideally, you need to reapply them after washing and polishing your vehicle if it get s really dirty.

How it is Applied?

When you decide to get you’re protected from paint, you thought that how and when to apply it? However, it simply and directly applies to the color. There is no wax, polish, or other substances under the protection. It goes on the raw paint so it can bond to the paint for protection for a longer period of time. After the paint protection is added, the car is then waxed and shined before it is delivered to the client.

Can Car Owners Apply for the Protection Themselves?

It is strictly not recommended to apply for the paint protection on your new car by yourself. Therefore, that if you are on the fence about the paint protection, you may wonder if you can do it yourself to save money. However, it is not safe enough for your health to do it by yourself. These are extremely strong chemicals that are applied by trained professionals. There are several reasons for you not to use the substances yourself:

  • If you apply them yourself without the proper safety equipment, you are putting your health at risk.
  • While applying for protection, you have to protect the car and has to be stripped of all other products. If anything is left behind, it won’t adhere properly.
  • A professional needs to clean the paint to ensure adhesion.
  • There is no way to correct any scratches or marks left behind if you apply it yourself.

Things to Consider Before You Opt for Paint Protection

  • If you are still undecided about the protection, there are few things you should consider according to the car:
  • You have to protect your car from birds, acorns, and other natural debris.
  • The paint protection is a good thing for your car as it can protect the paint from chips caused by flying stones and insects.
  • You should keep your car in a garage and also consider the option of paint protection.
  • So, you don’t need to wax or polish your car daily.
  • You do not need to protect your cat with regular care.
New car paint protection

Is it Worth it?

Rather, it is clear that you are going to spend extra money on your new car. The cost for this option often varies depending on the dealer and the type of car you have. The cost of painting a car is quite expensive. It is also a very detailed process that can potentially delay a future sale.

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