Trend Micro Announces Serverless File Storage Security Tool

Trend Micro, one of the cybersecurity leaders has recently announced about a complete serverless cloud file storage security tool for enterprises who build applications in the cloud.

The Cloud-One File Storage Security tool from Trend Micro is one of the world’s first serverless cloud storage that even provides protection against numerous threats across the cloud environment. Even the company said it supports strict compliance requirements.

Mark Nunnikhoven, VP, Cloud Research for Trend Micro, said, “This is a highly scalable, automated scanning tool that’s fast to deploy with no added infrastructure, allowing organisations to confidently store cloud files and data associated with their cloud applications.”

You even get automated anti-malware scans in order to keep the system’s information secured and smoothen compliance needs. Cloud One-File Storage Security stool also prevents malicious files and threats.

Currently, the tool is available for Amazon AWS S3, support for MS Azure Blob storage and Google Cloud is coming soon. Let’s know further about the Trend Micro’s Cloud-One File Storage Security.

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What Are the Benefits You Get from Cloud-One File Storage Security?

  • You can take advantage of the tool’s automated malware scanning that is backed by Trend Micro’s threat research, latest file reputation and variant protection technologies.
  • You get flexible integration, which means you can deploy the tool in minutes and start securing the organization’s workflows and risks.
  • Secure your cloud storage data and maintain the sovereignty of data with the help of a tool’s protection. Currently, the security is designed for Amazon S3.
  • It blocks dangerous files with the help of Trend Micro’s anti-malware signatures. The tool can prevent every malware, trojan, spyware and numerous viruses.
  • The tool provides scanning support for both small and large file types such as .exe, .bin, .jpeg, .mp4, .pdf, .txt, .zip and much more.

The Billing & Pricing of Cloud-One File Storage Security

  • Pay-as-you-go.

It allows you to pay only when you deploy Trend Micro Cloud One and use it. Also, your billing will be based on the usage of the Cloud One services which is reported on a per hour basis.

This billing method is currently available via Amazon AWS marketplace listing and Azure Marketplace. After you sign in you will be charged for the usage in the previous month and yes, the billing is monthly-basis.

  • Annual Subscription.

If you do pre-purchase from Trend Micro, you will be billed based upon the subscription you chose. In this way, you will do advanced payment for the year’s usage based on pre-determined billing cycle & budget.

  • Free trial.

Yes, Trend Micro offers a 30-day free trial period for using Cloud-One, you need to sign up for an account. And during the trial period, you will get unlimited access to all services of Trend Micro Cloud One.

You get a free account after the completion of the trial period or when you cancel your payment for the subscription. Also, free accounts have access up to five agents for Workload Security.

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