25 Fun Things To Do In Seoul

Fun Things To Do In Seoul

With the constant increase in the popularity of k-pop starts, k-dramas and Korean fashion, Seoul has become a more popular destination. As the busiest city and the center of commerce and culture in Korea, Seoul surely has a lot of things or activities to offer, from aesthetic cafés, architecturally praised infrastructure to traditional areas and authentic cuisine, Seoul has it all. 

With all of the possible things to do in the city, we decided to give you the ultimate list to experience and indulge in Seoul in the best ways possible. No matter what you are thinking about, this place got everything to make your holiday trip unforgettable. Just start planning for your next getaway and visit the delta airlines official site to get your booking done in advance at very affordable rates. Visit right away and explore many packages that suit your budget to this tremendous place.

A Rundown List of Fun Things To Do in Seoul You Should Know For your next trip

  • Explore Myeongdong

Myeongdong is a place to visit, especially if you love shopping, they have a huge variety of shops. It is surrounded by clothing line stores and restaurants that will surely keep you entertained and busy.

  • Visit Lotte World tower

Lotte World Tower is the 3rd highest observatory skyscraper and 5th highest building in the world. Being the highest building in the city, it gives you access to one of the best views that surely you shouldn’t miss. It is the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of the city from its aerial view.

  • Street Food Hunting

This activity is something you shouldn’t miss while visiting Seoul. The huge amount of street options this city has to offer is almost unbelievable. Street foods are located in almost any area of the city and will give you the best food trip of your life. 

  • Try Eating Bingsu

Bingsu, and is one of their most popular desserts. It is crushed milk-iced topped with fruits, candy, or ice cream. 

  • Try the Rose Ice cream

Rose ice cream is the perfect depiction of rose in any color its famous due to its pleasing appearance and taste.

  • Try eating bibimbap 

Bibimbap is a famous Korean dish that consists of rice, sautéed vegetables, chili paste, and beef or any other meat, sometimes with the addition of a raw or fried egg. It has been famous due to a constant urge to experience the authentic Korean lifestyle.

  • Visit Itaewon

Itaewon is considered the center of nightlife in the city. If you want a first-hand experience of Seoul’s fun nightlife be sure to visit Itaewon.

  • Shop at Myeongdong Gyoda

Myeongdong Gyoda is a famous shopping destination in Seoul. They have a large variety of shops from expensive to affordable clothing lines. 

  • Eat Buddha jigae

Also known as Army stew is a combination of sausages, Spam, ham bacon, and even hotdogs with kimchi, red bean paste, and anchovies and vegetables. 

  • Visit Gangnam district

Famous for being feature in Korean drama Gangnam has a wide range of unique café options and has a fun nightlife. 

  • Try Dak galbi 

Dak galbi is a spicy grilled chicken dish easy to share with friends. 

  • Gangnam underground station 

This place is shopping heaven if you’re interested in Korean fashion. They offer cheap quality clothing items that you will surely love.

  • Hanggang park

Known for its beautiful, peaceful scenery, Hanggang park is located along the Han River. It’s a good place for a picnic with friends while eating take away and enjoying the Korean atmosphere.

  • Try Topeka 

Topeka is spicy rice cakes, it is usually red and cylindrical in shape. 

  • Visit Changdeaokgung Palace 

Chandeaokgung Palace is a UNESCO world heritage park and has been one of the most tourist-attracting historic sites in Seoul. Chandeoakgung palace has great interior and exterior designs depicting Korean culture and history.

  • Visit Bukchon Hanok village 

Bukchon Hanok Village is a place where tourists can embrace the beauty of Korean houses. It is a home for hundreds of hanok and is popular with Korean drama fans. 

  • Visit Namsan Tower 

Namsan Tower is known as one of the iconic symbols in Seoul, it is not only a famous tourist but rather an embodiment of love. The viewing deck on the rooftop is the favorite spot for couples, where they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.

  • Love locks 

Love locks are located in Namsan tower, is it Seoul’s own version of the famous love locks in Italy.

  • Dragon hill spa 

Dragon hill spa provides the Korean sauna experience. It is a public bath place that offers food and shelter. 

  • Shop in Hongdae

If you’re looking for the latest Korean trend visit Hongdae and be amazed by the largely available options. You can also come across various impressive coffee shops and restaurants that will fill your stomach with decent treats.

  • Korean Fried chicken

Fried chicken can be considered as a common dish everywhere, but Korean fried chicken is definitely the top tire friend chicken due to its wide range of flavor, from honey, garlic, lemon to cheese they have it all. 

  • Try Korean barbeque

Korean barbeque has recently gained popularity. When visiting Seoul be sure not to miss the opportunity to experience the authentic Korean barbeque in Seoul

  • Shop at Coex mall 

The largest underground shopping mall in Asia, it has hundreds of shops and thousands of options to choose from.

  • Visit SM town

  If you’re a fan of Korean music, be sure to visit SM town. It exhibits, costumes, awards, and memorabilia of your favorite SM pop artists.

  • K pop café 

K-pop café is popular with both local and foreign visitors due to its incredible interior. They offer a mixture of western and Korean cuisine. Hopefully, we helped you out to find out what best and fun things that you can do in Seoul. So, pack your bags, book your delta airlines reservations and get all your itineraries to explore this awesome place for a fun-loving trip ever.

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