What is The Future of Trade Shows and Exhibitions after COVID-19?

The unforeseen advent of COVID-19 has impacted almost every nation around the globe. Businesses around the world were at a halt, feeling stuck in a stringent scenario. Organizations around the world have been dramatically impacted by the wrath of the global pandemic, resulting in dipping down of revenues. The restrictions have been imposed on travelling and public gatherings by nations to prevent the spread of a deadly virus.

However, it resulted in the cancellation of events planned up for the entire year. It directly impacted the revenues of industries, thus resulting in costing millions of penny. Leveraging virtual events was the only option left with the businesses, organisations, and exhibitors to keep going.

Organizations that have never thought about taking their event online are hosting virtual events on the daily basis. Right from hosting a recurring day to day meetings, conferences, product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, etc. a virtual event platform serves all.

Hosting virtual exhibitions and virtual trade shows on a comprehensive virtual exhibition platform is the toughest one in line. Shifting the entire format in a virtual environment and relying on technology seems intimidating to exhibitors at the start. But, the perks offered by virtual exhibitions, motivated them to adopt the new ways of hosting exhibitions and tradeshows.

The merits offered by virtual trade shows and exhibitions are far beyond the reach of physical exhibitions and trade shows. A comprehensive virtual exhibition platform enables exhibitors to customize virtual 3d trade show booths and has real-time conversations with attendees. Increased accessibility, better attendance, engagements, improved ROI are some of the top perks of virtual exhibitions. 

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As lockdowns restrictions started uplifting, exhibitors and sponsors have leveraged a new event format known as “Hybrid Events”. It is a mix of both the event worlds’ i.e. virtual or in-person events. Hybrid events offer the flexibility to attendees to attend the event in-person or virtually from remote locations. A lot of speculation has been around the corner about the future of the event industry post-pandemic.

Well, even after the world recovers from the global pandemic, people will remain skeptical about attending large-scale events. Undoubtedly, hybrid virtual events are here to stay and are the future of the event industry. In this article, we have enumerated a few things that might help you in upcoming exhibitions & trade shows post-COVID-19. Time to get started!

Get ready with a contingency plan for hosting exhibitions & trade shows

The uncertainty prevails throughout 2020 due to the global pandemic. Many tradeshows and exhibitions that were planned for 2020 have been shifted to next year. Due to the unclear scenarios and uncertainty of COVID-19, businesses are not clear about the next step in line.

Making huge sums of investments in physical trade shows and exhibitions for the upcoming year seems a daunting task. Businesses around the world have adopted the new wave of digitization to walk with the changing trend. Walking ahead of time, businesses and exhibitors must be well prepared for unforeseen circumstances in the near future. It is advised to get ready with a contingency plan for hosting exhibitions and trade shows post-pandemic.

Make a possible list of pitfalls and plan accordingly. Search out for ways to pivot virtual settings in your exhibitions and trade shows. If you plan to go hybrid, seek out venues that follow distancing and sanitation protocols. Be open to taking suggestions from the venue managers for a safe event environment.

Get set for the new normal “go hybrid”

Once the world recovers from the halt of the global pandemic, people will still remain skeptical in attending large-scale events. In the coming years, social distancing practices, sanitization protocols, health safety, wearing masks, etc. will remain prevalent. It will become an internal part of the event industry in the near future.  

Going hybrid is one of the best options left with organisers and exhibitors to host trade shows and exhibitions. It allows exhibitors to be a part of an exhibition that is organised in a physical venue paired with a virtual component. Hybrid virtual exhibitions compiled with a comprehensive virtual exhibition platform offers a list of benefits to both parties. 

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Hybrid exhibition and trade shows facilitate attendees to access the event either in-person or virtually via any device. This event format brings the best of both the event worlds together in the same frame i.e.

virtual or in-person events. Face-to-face interactions and interface-to-interface interactions have been part of hybrid virtual trade shows and exhibitions. It offers exhibitors to showcase their offering to a diverse set of audiences globally and connect and network in real-time remotely.

Whereas, it even enables attendees to build real-time networking by attending the event in-person and meeting up with old acquaintances. Hybrid exhibitions reduce the cost for both the parties involved and results in maximized reach and revenues. Undoubtedly, hybrid virtual events are the future of trade shows and exhibitions post COVID-19 to host a large gathering of people. 

Leverage virtual exhibitions and tradeshows for the long run

Virtual events came as a savior for many businesses in the past few months. It has filled the communication gap during a pandemic for businesses to keep going. It offers opportunities for businesses to connect and network seamlessly with a remote workforce, global delegates, attendees in a virtual sphere.

Moving the exhibitions and trade shows online seems an intimidating task for exhibitors. The newness of the event format and the technology involved made them think twice. The merits offered by the virtual exhibition platforms motivates them to host virtual exhibitions and tradeshows.

It is no wonder, the results were pondering. The huge success received by hosting virtual exhibitions and virtual trade shows made it the first choice of marketers and exhibitors today. Exhibitors and sponsors around the world are more willing to participate in the same when compared to on-ground trade shows.

It offers them the opportunity to showcase their offering to a wide spectrum of audiences globally, thus resulting in brand awareness. Apart from it, an increase in attendance, participation, engagements, and ROI has been noted with virtual trade shows and exhibitions. It even results in saving a lot of assets both for the organizer as well as for attendees.

The cost involved in travelling, accommodation, hiring staff, renting venues, food, setting up booths gets resolved considerably with virtual exhibitions. A comprehensive virtual exhibition platform that offers interactive and fun engaging features enables attendees to interact in real-time via live chats.

The platform facilitates exhibitors or sponsors to customize virtual 3d trade show booths suiting their brand image the same as in-person booths. Considering the list of advantages served by virtual events, many businesses have decided to permanently host their exhibitions and tradeshows online. Indefinitely, the future of trade shows and exhibitions post COVID-19 lies with hybrid or virtual events. 

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