Go Through This Checklist Once after You are Done Professionally Cleaning the Swimming Pool

cleaning a swimming pool

Owning a swimming pool is not always fun and entertaining because its maintenance and inspections take a lot of work for you to have a safe and healthy pool. For this, many pool owners prefer to hire professional swimming pool cleaners and inspectors to have a clear and working pool all the time. The professionals are fully trained to deal with any problem, and they can effectively detect any future problems that you may face with your swimming pool. This way, you can save yourself from any big pool problem that will leave your wallet hollow. 

Checklist for Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning & Inspection

Professional swimming pool cleaners tend to thoroughly clean the pool water and filtration systems to ensure proper working and continuously flowing freshwater. It is healthy for the pool and the swimmer as well. Thus, the following things must always be kept in check when thoroughly cleaning a swimming pool at home or a commercial site:

Skim off dirt, debris, and leaves

To keep the pool maintained, one task that should be done regularly is to skim off all the fallen leaves, dirt, and debris off the pool surface. It is because these particles tend to settle down at the bottom of your pool, which then clogs the filtration system. Moreover, skimming the surface of your pool will only take you a few minutes, but it will ensure that proper hygiene levels are held in your home pool.

Brush off Deposits from the Pool Walls

Algae, fungi, and bits of debris tend to build upon the sides of pool walls. They can also target the pool ladder and slide if they are not attended to on time. For this, cleaners do a weekly cleanup routine in which they thoroughly brush the walls of your pool and make sure that there are no remains left behind. It is a technique proven to prevent the spread of algae and debris. It is to be noted that these sediments must be brushed towards the main drain as it will be easy in the final clean up.

1-     Vacuum off the Dirt

After brushing and directing the dirt to the main drain, it is easier to collect everything in a vacuum. Just like a traditional vacuum cleaner, pool vacuums do the same thing and suck up all the dirt particles from the surface of your pool. This way, you get a sparkly clean pool in which you can swim without any fear of consuming harmful bacterial infections.

2-     Keep the Pump Running

The water circulation system of every pool includes a pump, skimmer, drain, and filters. This system makes the chemicals work more effectively and get dissolved evenly in the pool water. All this ensures that your pool is working fine and the filters are fully mechanic. It is always better to run your pool pump every day as it keeps the water filtered and in motion for the health of the pool.

3-     Keep the Filter & Backwash in Check

The filters of your pool are there to clean out any debris and other dirt particles from the water. Due to this, the filter also gets dirty and needs cleaning at regular intervals. The manufacturer of the pool filters also provides the user with a user manual that helps them to properly clean the filter without any trouble. Thus, it easy for the cleaners to do a deep cleaning without damaging anything in the circulation system.

This is a basic checklist that the pool cleaners must always go through at least once to ensure thorough cleaning of the pool without damaging the mechanism inside.

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