Cooking is an art. They say that you would hear thousands of claps when someone likes your food. But making good food is always an uphill battle. Because no matter how experienced one is, a slight delay in roasting. Pinch of extra salt is enough to spoil your dish. Besides knowing the recipe, you should also know how to use the cooking utensils  wisely and effectively.

Now I would like to tell you about one such instrument that you should know if you want to call yourself as a  good chef. The electric smoker, do not call themselves  as a non-veg lover if you haven’t heard this name before. I know you did listen to it. If you haven’t heard, don’t worry. Continue reading this article, and at the end, you will bag all the basics that are necessary to operate an electric smoker along with that I am going to share some tasty recipes of an electric smoker. Without making any further delay, let us get quickly know about the main parts in it.

The following are the main parts of an electric smoker


Let us know about each part clearly.


Smoker body is the outermost casing of a smoker that is mostly insulating type. There is a set of racks inside this body. These are there to support the meat you put inside the smoker. Smoker body has  to separate arrangements to accommodate other parts.


The digital control pad is a programmed control pad that helps you set temperature and manage time as well. It is like a brain to the smoker. It is recommended for you to read the user manual once to know all the options better. If you have recently bought any smoker, then it might be Master-built or Char-broil as they are the most famous smoker brands.


As the name indicates, this is a bowl that holds water in it. This is so important because when we smoked meat, the water content in the flesh decreases, even becomes null, making it dry. This doesn’t taste good as all the juice in it gets evaporated. Hence this water bowl is used to maintain the water content in the meat. It is recommended to use hot water than cold or normal water to get excellent overall cook.


Wood chip bowl is the central part that helps us burn wood without directly getting into contact with the burner. Many doubt the wood to be used. Dry or wet. Well, either of them can be used. Neither of them can be eliminated because the feedback from the users is ambiguous when asked about this. So you should experiment in both the cases and choose what’s best for you.


Many are not able to figure out the difference between this and a water bowl. Well, the simple difference is water bowl consists only water whereas this drip tray can be filled with wine, herbs or even some vegetables or added flavour. This also collects the juices coming from the meat. This gives an additional flavour to your dish and makes it mouth-watering.

Besides this, there is a vent hole at the top. This vent hole is there to regulate the amount of smoke coming out from the smoker.

A smoker has also been given with a meat probe that can be used to check if or not the meat is cooked properly


  • Because of our enthusiasm to cook, we tend to put the meat inside immediately and then turn on the smoker. But let me warn you that it’s not a good practice to do so. Initially, the smoker should be preheated.
  • For this, you should first take some wood chips in the wood chip bowl and on the smoker. Any wood, like plum, teak or cherry can do the jobs.
  • Then add few more chips in the smoker. When you add chips to it, you notice temp. Rise. You need to adjust it back to 225︒F  and time as well.
  • That is the usual temperature at which the smoking of meat is done. Note that this temp is varied based on the meat that you cook. The ambient temperatures for different meats are provided with the smoker, or else it is available online.
  • Wait for that beep or quack sound that your smoker makes when the temperature is reached. Then put your meat inside along with the water and those ingredients in the drip tray.
  • It generally takes 3 to 8 hours to cook a juicy, yummy smoked meat based on the type of meat you are cooking.
  • And the last and the most crucial step take out your food from the smoker and do not forget to clean it up
  • Cleaning not only protects your smoker from wear and tear, but it also protects your food from debris.   

Some tasty recipes using electric smoker

As promised in the beginning, now I would like to share some tasty recipes using electric smoker.

  • Salmon fillet                             
  • Brown sugar
  • Paprika
  • Sugar
  • Salt and pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Chilli powder
  • Wood chips
  • Combine your ingredients in required quantities for rubbing.
  • Now massage these on the piece thoroughly
  • Meanwhile, turn your smoker on and set the temperature to 225°F and wait for that beep sound.
  • Once the smoker is ready, lay these pieces on one of the racks and that will be all.
  • Your yummy salmon gets ready in 1.5 to 2 hrs.

In the same way, you can cook the following dishes

  • Smoked turkey
  • Smoked ribs
  • Smoked pork loin

Smoked turkey

  • Dried thyme
  • Powdered sage
  • Dried oregano
  • Paprika
  • Sea salt
  • Cracked black pepper
  • Dried rosemary
  • Onion or garlic powder
  • Zest o an orange
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Apple or pecan wood chips

The process for preparing is that for turkey, but the only difference is  you should remove the neck and wash it with salt water before massaging with ingredients.

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