Have a tremendous journey of Chinese learning. LANGUAGE HSK 1


HSK stands for

‘H’ for Hànyǔ which means Chinene.

‘S’ for Shuǐpíng  which means level.

‘K’ for Kǎoshì  which means test.

 The most important proficiency test in use today. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ capability  in using Chinese in their day to day life, academic and experienced lives.

This course is for:

  • non-native  learner
  • HSK 1 learner
  • Freshers who want take Mandarin Chinese as serious a language
  • For IGCSE, GCSE Beginners
  • For IB, AP Beginners

Chinese for HSK Level 1 is the 1st part of the 6 levels and assesses test takers’ intelligence  in the application of everyday Chinese. It is the correlate of Level 1 of the Chinese Language aptitude Scales for Speakers of many Other Languages and the A1 Level of the familiar European Framework of Reference for Languages.

What will you learn from the course:-

Ø Introduction to Pinyin as beginner;

Ø 30 videos lectures with dialogue role plays by PKU children;

Ø More than 150 words used frequently;

Ø Approximately 50 key grammar point;

Ø New words and texts via aural;

Ø Quizzes for each lesson and HSK level 1 test papers;

Ø Videos for 70 basic Chinese characters;

Ø Supplementary materials about China.

Time taken to complete the course and kind of background knowledge is necessary:-

HSK Level 1 is a 6 week course who are aiming at beginners. No background knowledge of Chinese is mandatory. However, you are anticipated  to spend 4-6 hours every week to work on information in this course. If you are a complete fresher, you may want to spend much more time on pinyin in the first chapter; if you are not, you could skip the interconnected contents. If you need further time to complete the course, it is not an issue.

When you engage in the course, you get entrance to all of the courses in the adeptness, and you earn a certificate when you complete the work. Your electronic Certificate will be added to your Accomplishments – from there, you can take printout of your Certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile also in your resume in language known or courses done. If you only want to study and view the course content, you can have a look to the course for free.

Finally an online course that delivers, great way to kickstart or restart your chinese. The formula of the lesson is straight forward and easy to follow, a tremendous way to start, after it you will enjoy and definitely going to move on to HSK2 and all levels of it.

The course is generally quite good. The teacher teaches are good at explaining  things in an easy way. The video’s, mostly, are of good quality. The quiz’s are mostly connected with the learning material provided.

It is an international systematize exam that take tests and rates online Chinese language proficiency. It determine non-native Chinese speakers’ capability in using the Chinese language in their day to day life. HSK comprises of six levels.Test takers who are able to clear the HSK (Level I) can learn and use very simple and easy Chinese words and phrases, meet primary needs for communication and aquire the ability to further more their studies.

Level of proficiency will you reach at completing the course:-

Upon finishing the course, you will have comprehend approximately 150 words and 50 grammar points. Further, you will be able to use words to handle very basic communicative tasks in dat to day life, work and study. For instance include greetings, introducing yourself and your family infront of anyone, describing your day to day life and your learning or your working experience, asking for help and understanding other’s replies, and talking about hobbies, the weather, etc.

This course will be worth every minute you spent on it. Your Chinese vocabulary will increase a lot along with your potential to communicate in the language. The course is well structured so that it is always interesting to learn, you grab most of the 150 HSK level 1 words in a way that does not feel awkward and the basic grammar without actually studying it The teachers and the staff are excellent, and the information is not less than first-rate. You will learn more in this 6-week course ( but the last week is just the final test).

In short, the course covers the skills like listening and reading is tested in HSK 1. At the time of completion of the course, you will be able to use simple phrases, meet basic needs for communication

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