Here Is How Can A Middle Class Family Afford A Liver Transplant In India

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly expensive with each passing day. Even the middle-class families are finding it hard to afford the necessary treatments. Organ transplant too is very expensive, and in many cases, the privileged once are given preference over those in need. But can the organ transplant be made affordable? Let us learn in this article. 

What is a liver transplant?

When the liver due to some unforeseen circumstances stops to work properly, it is replaced with a healthy liver from a deceased person or a portion of the liver from a living donor. This process of replacing the old liver with a new healthy one is known as a liver transplant.

The major reason for chronic liver failure is scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), which can be due to:

  1. Hepatitis B and C.
  2. Too much alcohol consumption, which damages the liver.
  3. Fat builds up in the liver, leading to inflammation or liver cell damage, also called Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  4. Genetic diseases that affect the liver, like hemochromatosis, which causes an excessive iron build-up in the liver, and Wilson’s disease, which causes an excessive copper build-up in the liver.
  5. Various diseases that can affect the bile ducts, like primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis and biliary atresia. Biliary atresia is the most common reason for liver transplant among children

Making a liver transplant affordable:

Through the normal cost of liver transplant in India can range somewhere between 20 – 25 lakhs. This includes the pre-transplant evaluation, the surgery itself and the post-surgery recovery period. The various factors on which the liver transplant price depends are:

  1. Organ Recovery and Transport Charges
  2. Hospital Infrastructure and Technology
  3. The expertise of skilled surgeons, their teams and use of advanced techniques
  4. Length of stay in the hospital and category of room opted
  5. Any health complications
  6. Recovery and Rehabilitation
  7. Post-transplant Medication

All these factors contribute to making the liver transplant a costly affair. However, one can make it affordable by exploring the below-given options: 

  1. Health Insurance: With healthcare prices rising, health insurance has become a must for all individuals. With a minimum monthly premium, you can opt for an insurance plan and get your liver transplant in India at a lesser cost. Though the insurance might not cover your full expenses, you can get some relief from the huge amount that you will pay to the hospital for the treatment.

With health insurance, you can either opt for free treatment, where just by showing your health insurance card you can get the treatment for free, as the payment will be done by the insurance company. The second option is to pay the fee to the hospital and then later send your documents to the insurance company for reimbursement.

  1. Schemes: Ever now and then, the government releases various schedules and acts to make healthcare affordable in India. Before you go for the treatment, make sure to check for these schemes and apply for the same. If you are eligible for it, you can get our treatment done at affordable prices.

Some of the schemes offered by the Indian Government for affordable healthcare are:

  1. AamAadmiBima Yojana
  2. Ayushman Bharat Scheme
  3. Awaz Health Insurance Scheme
  4. Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)
  5. Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Insurance Scheme
  6. BhamashahSwasthyaBima Yojana.
  7. Employees State Insurance Scheme
  1. Take Personal Loan: While this may not be a good option, taking a personal loan can also help in your liver transplant. You can repay the loan amount in small EMIs, thus reducing the burden of paying the treatment at once. 
  2. Choose Government hospital: Instead of going for private hospitals charging a heavy amount on liver transplant, government hospital can help you. With the most qualified and talented doctors, you can check for their prices.
  3. Talk to the hospital: various hospitals in India provide special services to individuals who cannot afford such expensive treatment. They offer financial help and also make treatment affordable for those in need. 

These above tips will help in making liver transplant affordable for the middle-class family. Some of the authorised liver transplant hospitals in India are:

  1. Max Health care: With over 12 branches around the country, Max health care offers liver transplant facility at affordable prices to all individuals.
  2. Medanata: With a team of expert doctors, medanata also offers Liver Transplant Facility.
  3. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon: The Liver Transplant facility offers the highest quality of care to patients with liver problems.


Liver Transplant is an essential treatment which must be performed as soon as possible. Instead of worrying about the expenses, choose any of the above options and get your liver transplant in India. Make sure you are choosing the right doctor and hospital for 100%success. 

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