How A Healthy Mind And Strong Belief Play Significant Roles In Your Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Our bodies are amazing machines, built to live and breathe, create and dream, discover and explore. Some 640 muscles, 206 bones, hormones, brain waves, and senses work together daily in a miraculous way to offer an abundant life to each human being. As blessed as we are by such a complex body, we surely cannot take our health for granted. We must care for our bodies, strengthening our system and maintaining our health in three dimensions.

Mental health and the spiritual life are linked together with one’s physical health in a three-way cord that should not be broken. Physical health is not a matter of chance in this life, nor is it merely a result of healthy eating and exercise habits. One’s mental and spiritual health can directly and significantly improve our physical natures.

That is not to be said, however, that one can base their health on only mental and spiritual things. Physical fitness must be a priority for our daily lives, for without it, we grow weak in muscle and discipline. Our bodies deteriorate, becoming more susceptible to injury, weight gain, and illness. In order to retain excellent health and strong bodies, physical fitness is vital.

Doctors and fitness experts recommend at minimum thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily with a preference closer to sixty minutes. Other exercises such as calethstenics, stretching, or weight lifting also play an important part in any physical fitness routine to keep our muscles strong and supple.

As we remain consistent in physical fitness and proper nutrition to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we must daily be aware that our mind and spiritual nature need to be cared for as well. Though it may seem that there is no correlation, mental health is often directly related to physical fitness. If you often find yourself emotional, burdened and worried, or living in a dense fog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be put on prescription medication.

It is possible that you are suffering from any number of mental disorders or even depression, but the truth is that many of these struggles can be improved or completely diminished through consistent physical fitness.

When the body is put into motion, forced to complete exercise regimes and physical fitness schedules, endorphins are released into the blood stream. These hormones are responsible for the common “runner’s high”, an experience of sudden elation or excitement. When one participates in frequent exercise, the hormones in the body are balanced, allowing the negative emotions to be released and the positive emotions to be increased.

In turn, having a strong mental constitution through a balanced life, daily discipline, and enjoyment of reward often leads to a more consistent physical fitness approach. Those who berate themselves for each failure or those who allow themselves the privilege to be lazy and disinterested in life are not those who roll out of bed at 6 AM to go for a run or drive to the gym directly following work to get in an hour of exercise before heading home for the night.

In fact, such people tend to stay in bed longer, sit in front of the TV more, eat more food and unhealthy food at that, and reap consequences in the form of weight gain, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.

Excellent mental health is a necessary component for a healthy physical life and vice versa. Both aspects build off each other. Furthermore, a steady spiritual life can also play a significant role in one’s physical nature. It has been proven that those who discipline themselves in a spiritual way enjoy the benefits of a stronger mind, concentration, and inspiration along with less stress, emotional inbalances, and sleep struggles.

Our natures were created with a longing for something higher, something greater than us. Our very souls cry out for a greater purpose to this life, a greater being in control. Many people fight this natural instinct, but those who choose to embrace it and develop their spiritual lives through such things as prayer, meditation, Scripture reading, etc., will find how it impacts their mental and physical health.

Having strong beliefs and core faith diminishes worry, depression, bitterness, doubt, laziness, anger, frustration, discouragement, despair, lack of purpose and meaning, lack of concentration, etc. When someone is constantly awaking to these battles and having to fight them day after day, it is impossible to maintain physical fitness. Such emotions and inner struggles take too much control leaving any thoughts of a consistent physical fitness routine in the dust.

However, a daily discipline in strong beliefs can dramatically improve one’s attitude and mental constitution, leaving him able to clearly pinpoint the areas in his physical nature that need to be improved. He’ll be able to develop a purposeful plan for physical fitness and proper nutrition and be able to daily see his plan out.

Strong beliefs also play an important role in physical fitness by giving it a purpose. If there truly is a greater life to be lived, a beautiful journey to be played out, it would make perfect sense to keep our bodies in healthy and running order for as long as possible so we do not miss a single part of the day.

Though one cannot guarantee a longer life through consistent physical fitness, it is surely true that life cannot be lived to its fullest if the body is not strong and supple, able to handle the demands of each day. Continuing daily in the discipline of physical fitness will offer rewards far greater than a fit body, but will also give you the stamina needed for whatever life throws your way.

Again, we see how physical fitness directly relates to one’s spiritual life but how the spiritual aspect of our beings is also vitally important to our physical natures.

During the course of your life, you will likely meet people who struggle with weight problems, illnesses, mental failure, or emotional battles. In some cases, these can be attributed to actual medical problems that need professional consultation and medication.

But, I believe in the majority of cases, so many of our nation’s health problems could be solved if each individual were to take the time to properly care for themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically.

When all three aspects are combined, we find many rewards and much improvement. Physical health is generally improved, weight is balanced, and the body functions better on healthy fuel and consistent exercise. We find ourselves stronger, more supple, and no longer shying away from many things we have before, for we know now that we are strong enough to take on such feats.

Mental health improves one’s mood, the ability to concentrate, and the ability to carry out the tasks that are daily required of a person. Strong beliefs lead us along with purpose, hope, and joy, which will, in turn, improve every other aspect of our lives as well as the lives of others.

To have a life that is all that it is meant to be, one must learn to maintain all three of these essential aspects of excellent health. Physical, mental, and spiritual health are all related to one another, and not one of these aspects should be neglected or ignored.

The benefits are bountiful, and those who choose to remain consistent and diligent in daily improving their health in all three areas will find their lives are delighted with countless blessings.

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