How To Clean Nasty A Carpet Stain – Three Effective Carpet Cleaning Alternatives

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Every time, in the case of stain’s occurrence on the carpets, you don’t need to call or hire the professionals. Because you can treat or remove these stains from the carpets by yourself as well. However, you need to know a few alternatives and best sources to treat and remove those nasty stains out from the carpets. For this, you can also get help from DIY remedies and homemade solutions for carpet cleaning efficiently.

No doubt, a few natural ingredients and DIY remedies offer effective and similar cleaning results for the carpets through wiping out or removing all kind of stains even without leaving marks or spots. So, with the help of mentioned below cleaning methods, you can wipe out or remove eve hard stains such as tea, coffee or blood without any damage or scar on your carpets.

However, it’s difficult to treat or remove stains from carpets especially without knowing the type and hardness level of the stains. For this, you need to implement accurate trick or pattern to remove or wipe out the stains in the first go. Moreover, you don’t need to rub solutions as well as natural ingredients on the stained area to remove it. Because scrubbing will lead to more damage.

Therefore, dabbing is more effective and friendly for the carpets as compared to scrubbing. But if you are scrubbing the stains then the residues may stick on or inside the tiny pores of carpets and it will be more difficult to get out your carpets from this nasty situation.

Beer Is The Best Alternative For Coffee Stains:

We know it looks weird. But it’s completely true. Beer can be the best alternative for your carpets to remove coffee and tea stains without leaving any marks on the carpets. As we all know it’s impossible to remove coffee or tea stains especially when you don’t treat those stains immediately. In this case, beer can work as a wonder for your carpets. You just need to pour beer in a little amount on the surface of the stained carpet and rub it gently with the help of a clean cloth.

Rubbing will help to remove or vanishing out the stains completely from the carpet. However, you can also repeat the same process in the case of hard and stubborn stains but don’t scrub the surface. Repetition of this process will help to remove stains completely.

Ammonia Is The best Chemical Cleaner For The Carpets:

No doubt, it’s not safe to use hard chemicals and cleaners on the carpets. But ammonia can work effectively for your carpets without any damage. However, you should not use it directly on the carpets but after mixing with water or another detergent. It will help to minimize the acidic level of the ammonia and may not damage the carpets.

For this, mix ½ cup of ammonia with 2 cups of water. Pour the solution on the carpets and let it sit for a few minutes. Later on, wipe out the solution with the help of plain water and let the carpet dry completely before use. It will help to maximize the shine and sparkle of your carpets like carpet steam cleaningas well as increase the cleanliness level of the carpets.

Moreover, you can also use this solution to treat greasy and oil-based stains from the carpets.

Foaming Cream Can Be Used To Blot Out Soft Stains:

The rate of stains occurrence on the carpets might be increased in the case of kids and pets in the home. But you don’t need to be worried or panic. You can treat the normal routine and soft stains such as juices spill and food stains from the carpets with the help of foaming cream effectively. I know, it does not look cool but it may work effectively for your carpets. Simply apply the cream on the stained area and dab it with the help of a tissue paper or clean cloth. It will help to blot out the juice stains within a few minutes from your carpets.

Salt And Baking Soda Work Wonderfully For The Wine Stains:

Baking soda and salt work in more effective and efficient ways to treat stains as well as refreshing the carpets. So, you can use these ingredients for multiple purposes for cleaning and maintain your carpets like professional carpet steam cleaning.

In the case of having wine stains especially on the white carpets, you don’t need to be panic. You can use salt or baking soda to treat these stains without any professional assistance and services. It will help to remove or dilute the wine stains within a few minutes.

Simply sprinkle salt or baking soda on the stained area and let it sit on the stains at least for 15 minutes. Salt will absorb the moisture and stain’s residues from the surface of the carpet. After 15 minutes, simply move out salt or stain’s residues with the help of vacuum cleaner.

So, these mentioned above carpet cleaning methods will work effectively and efficiently to treat all types of stains without spending and investing a lot of money on professional services. However, you need to choose the process or ingredients based on the quality as well as the condition of your carpets. Because hard ingredients DIY remedies may damage the poorly conditioned carpets severely as compared to new and well-maintained carpets.

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