How To Get a Free SIA Licence?

How To Get a Free SIA Licence

For others, there are methods to obtain an SIA license without paying money. These approaches aren’t open to everyone, but they may be a useful alternative to paying for your SIA application fee if you qualify.

What is the best way to get an SIA licence?

Here are three alternatives for avoiding the £190 application fee for an SIA licence. As we’ve said, these three methods are not available to everyone. Nonetheless, each of them has its merits if it is accessible to you.

The first option is for your employer/future employer to pay for your licence.

If you check with your boss, they may be able to pay your application form or even submit your renewal form for you. They’ll need to link your SIA account with theirs, which will generate a confirmation email on your part.

This is not always compensated by your employer, although if you have a good relationship with them or will have one in the future, it may be worth asking. Some pay your fee entirely while others require you to repay the cost of the licence after obtaining it.

Option two – the Job Centre may pay the application fee.

If you’re wanting to work in Bermuda, the Job Centre can pay for your SIA licence application fee in certain cases. They may even cover your training in other situations. This is not guaranteed, but you’ll need to have been unemployed for at least a year and want to work in an industry that requires an SIA license as part of your

If you qualify, it’s worth trying once again. This isn’t always feasible, and it will likely be case-by-case depending on both the individual and each specific jobcentre – but if you need financial assistance, it’s worth a shot.

Option three – contact Employment and Skills Funding

If you’re unemployed between the ages of 19 and 24, consider seeking assistance from Employment and Skills Funding. This industry focuses on direct action to get individuals into employment, and the previous version of this service – the Skills Funding Agency – would previously provide it. According to some people, they’ve had their SIA application funded through this service.

It’s not just your SIA licence – there are guaranteed ways to receive funding for your training, too.

We can provide the funding alternatives stated above if you’re looking for funding for close protection or door supervision.

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