How to Get Her Happy This Diwali?

From traditional ways to modern ones, it is quite difficult to choose one option out of hundreds. Mainly, when it comes to making someone ‘special’ in your life happy.  

“You are my today and all of my tomorrows” – Leo Christopher 

You love her. Yes, we know and understand the feeling of love. Love is an emotion associated with varied feelings. Be that of completely at peace, affection, protectiveness, respect and warmth specifically that soothes and supports you in hard times. There is nothing better than a feeling of being loved and being in love, is there?

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No matter the age or relation you have with her, she can be your mother, lover, wife, sister, girlfriend, friend, niece or someone else. If you love her than you must show it to her. Because more often than not, people who love each other fail to get their messages and sentiments delivered across.

Fret not, cause now there are ways. Yes, we are talking about more than one way to get your affection recognized by the one you love.  Here we go then!

Say the magical words

As a wise person once said, ‘You always gain by giving love’. 

Therefore, by speaking about how you indeed love, cherish and respect her does half of your work and you get valued for putting your feelings across. 

A tip or two for your speech. Yes, speech. Your declaration of love wouldn’t have a sentence or two now, would it? As for the tip for your speech on her, add how she has helped you grow as a person. Let her know, how she is vital in your life not only as your partner but also as an individual who aspires you to do good.

Actions speak louder than words

Because human don’t always choose their words wisely. Thus, action seems to work wonders to make the woman in your life ecstatic. 

Be that showing her that you genuinely care for her well-being or helping her in office work because who are we kidding, this is 21st century and there’s no way you aren’t already helping her with the household chores (if your special someone stays with you). 

Another thing which helps is, females look up to a male who knows just how to treat the women in his life. Treat her with reverence and respect her opinions. Include her in your significant decisions. Gestures like these help in winning the heart of your woman.

When the going gets tough and the words don’t seem to work their magic to their fullest actions rescue you from the wrath of a woman because, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’.

Surprise her

Every woman in this wide wicked world needs someone in their life who pampers them. Be that person. 

There is no one perfect way to pamper her. You can get the best gifts for her, book massages for her or just getting take outs from her favorite dining place and she surely will love it. It matters not, how stubborn, disciplined, introvert or extrovert the woman in your life is. 

Get them over the moon this gifting season!

Build memories

Take her to places she has never been or create new memories to the places she holds a grudge against for every moment spent with her is worth reminiscing over. Let her know that. 

No matter the age of the female, every second breathing is one moment of memory created. Let the memory she chooses to recall after eons be the one with you.

Go an extra mile for her

Everyone has people in their life who they cannot afford to lose or even think about losing and she is the same. They can be her family by blood or a chosen one.

By making an effort to get close to people who are important to her you show her that you are in it for the long haul and you aren’t afraid to go to lengths for making her happy and at peace. You can even send Diwali gifts hampers to her closest ones on certain occasions and see how her eyes glitter as she realizes what you have done. 

It goes without saying that as a human you should and you must treat every other human with respect. No gender is lesser than the other. Everyone is each other’s equal. Therefore, treat the women in your life with the respect you want for yourself. 

And yes, it might be difficult to get her happy at all times but she surely would appreciate the effort you put in to get her mind and heart to soar high. Fun fact, often people think it is difficult to get a woman happy. No, it is not.

Women of every age just wants to be happy like any other human. Shower her with affection, gratitude and respect, the basic things of life and she will be delighted. Invest your time and put some thought in gifts for her or your idea of pampering her. 

Know this, remembering what she truly appreciates is more vital than the price tag of any Diwali gift hampers. It is one thing to have a female presence, her love and care in your life but it is whole another story to that female or a bunch of them happy. 

The trending ways to swoon the woman in your life includes easily incorporated gifts in her daily routine and the presents which stays with her for a long time fulfilling their endless purpose. A gift can mirror how you regard the female and her importance in your life. Specifically, a present that exhibits personalized touch.

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