How to Identify the Leakage in Your Car Windshield

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Imagine getting into your car to begin with your day, but you find fogged windows, a wet carpet, or a disgusting smell. This automatically spoils your mood! No matter the symptoms, all these indicate a single problem: leaking windows or car windshield. 

When it comes to dealing with the leakage problem in your vehicle, going to the wrong people can often aggravate the problem. This is where having the assistance of professional mobile car window fitters Orlando, Florida, or more is necessary. 

In this post, we are going to discuss some ways in which you can identify the leakage problem and get it fixed before it too late.

Ways to identify car windshield leakage

1. Soap the Windshield Up

Rub a mild soapy solution onto the outer rim area and the edges of your windshield to begin with the process. Next, turn on the blower in your car to defrost. Likewise, you can even get someone to use an air nozzle to blow air directly onto the windshield edges from the inside of your vehicle. The air from the blower will move the foam and enable you to find the soapy air bubble blowing on the outside. These bubbles are an indication of the leakage in your window.

2. Spray your windshield with the water hose 

This is a messy identification process that might need more than one person to identify the leakage in the windows or windshield. To begin with, make sure that you close all the windows and doors of your vehicle, so no more water enters your car. Next, take a water hose and shower your windscreen with it. Make sure that you begin from the lowest point and move your way up on the windshield so the other person sitting inside the car can watch the point when the water starts to come in. if you see the water dripping in from the windshield, a replacement is very much needed to maintain the credibility of your vehicle. 

Tip to note: if you are using this method, ensure that the water is used at a lower pressure. Too much force in the water will make it bounce off the windscreen. 

Some reasons for a possible windshield leakage

1. Improper windshield installation

Often, the leakage in your windshield is the result of poor installation of your windshield. Think about it: you got your car windshield replaced due to a crack in it. However, the service you chose was inexperienced and didn’t pay attention to doing the job right. This could result in a leakage in your windshield. 

Windshield replacement requires special skills and tools to do it right. Sometimes, inexperienced technicians may have no clue on using the correct type of adhesive and may use an inferior quality instead of the OEM-recommended high-quality poly-urethane adhesive. This could result in the poor installation of the windshield and hence the leakage. 

Another reason for improper installation of the windshield may be the failure of using the proper tools required for setting or the vacuum cups crucial for the setting of the windshield replacement. 

2. You have an old car model

 Another possible reason behind the leakage of your windscreen is if you are driving an older model of the car. Older car models use a rubber gasket to seal the windows to the frame. However, as time pass by, these rubber gaskets tend to lose their shape resulting in a leak. 

In the industry today, only poly-urethane adhesives are used to attach the windshield to the car as they adhere to the frame of the vehicle and helps in providing watertight seals.

3. Installation in the wrong season

If you have a broken or a chipped windscreen, you need to make sure that you ever get it to repair or replace in the rainy season, until it is an emergency that cannot wait for the season to pass. 

The main reason to avoid the season is that the moisture content will not allow the urethane to stick to the windshield. The best season to change the windshield is when the weather is dry, like the summers of winter. 

Reasons to avoid leaky windshields

If your vehicle has a leakage in the windshield, chances are it will develop mold, mildew, or rust over time. These factors can affect the efficiency of the car and negatively impact the health of the people in the car. For example, mildew is a terrible threat to the air quality inside the car and causes an unpleasant smell, which is uncomfortable to drive with. Furthermore, it can cause an allergic relation, which is also unpleasant when it comes to human health.  Besides that, leaky windshields can also cause issues such as sensor failure, rusting of pin correctors, and more problems as such in your car. Furthermore, your windshield is an important part of the vehicle, which ensures the safety of its occupants. Having a leakage in your vehicle means you are tempering with the stability of the vehicle and putting your vehicle into a life threatening situation.

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