How to Spot Genuine Luxury Leather Sofas?

Among all the fabrics and materials available in the market, what makes you think leather is a good option? If you have any questions about luxury leather sofas in mind, then this article has your back. Leather has been traditionally used on the furniture pieces because it not only looks aesthetic but is also a durable material.

Unlike many fabrics, leather gives the furniture a timeless look with low to no maintenance. Drape a sofa with leather and add a few studs to find the grace of a smooth piece. They do not even require much addition as the leather itself is a luxurious material. 

You can choose among a variety of leather options. If you think there is only a black and brown traditional leather available in the marketplace, then think again. Because of the modernization in the hides industries, you can get leather customized in into any color and coating. It is a good idea if you want to add a furniture piece to the home decor. 

Before you read any further if you want to enjoy a nice buttery leather sofa, then there are some things you should know beforehand. Here some points are mentioned that will give you an expert’s eye to land a good leather sofa deal. You are in for joy!

Check the sincerity of material

Often people misunderstand a leather piece as genuine. However, you should know that every leather is not real. So, if you are going to pay a hefty price for a leather sofa, you should make sure it is as good as they come. Real leather can be distinguished by looking. The pattern and the touch of genuine leather are different. It is firm and hard to touch. However, if it is refined, it will wrinkle and bundle up easily. 

Also, the leather hide is available in the market by the standard of 5′ by 6′ pieces. Look at the back of the sofa. If there is the stitching of several parts, then it is a real deal. On the opposite, if the surface is smooth, then it is probably fake. 


A high price does not always mean that is leather is original. Additionally, top-quality of leather does not always mean durability. When you want to buy a luxury leather sofa, then you should more than the realness of the material. The stitching and polishing of the leather matter a lot. Apart from that, there will be studs added and collaboration with different other fabrics. Al those things combined differentiate the simple leather sofa from the luxury leather. 

Faux leather gives a chemical smell. It can be expensive as well, so do not misunderstand between the two.

Rich, high-quality leather is soft and warm to the touch. In pricey deals, they are further processed for comfort in insulation. You can judge that by touching and sliding your finger firmly against the leather sheet. 

Color and roughness

Genuine luxurious leather will not be smooth and of uniform color. It has grains on it that form patterns of a different shade from the original surface of leather. You should pick a cushion and see that the back has no shadows, and it is rough. Luxuries leathers always maintain their quality without producing a variation in their pattern schemes. 

Type of genuine leathers available

Even an original leather has variations in it. If it is a sophisticated price, then it has probably gone through a different change in appearances. There are three pain types of leather to look for that are widely available on sofas:

  • Pigmented leather has a surface coating of polymer that has the pigment. It is the most durable type and covered the maximum area of the sofas. The finished can be customized to simple, printed or embossed designs. 

The next two types are similar yet different. Aniline has no coating and contains original animal dye. It requires high maintenance and can also fade in direct sunlight. Compared to that, semi-aniline is a mixture of pigmented and aniline.

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