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Quality of your sleep greatly depends on the kind of bed you are sleeping on. Your bedroom is one of the most important places in your house. It is your coddling heaven from the stress of the outside world. However, the bedroom often gets the cold shoulder while we are decorating the house. You can consider making it more relaxing for yourself. When we talk about bedroom components, bedroom furniture is one of the key components. Bed captures the most space in a bedroom both physically and visibly. You have to look at the best design and styles that can match your bedroom requirements. However, if you are looking for beds in Oxford, you can obviously find many options. One of them is Select Living, providing the best-quality custom beds from their exclusive designs. 

Bed styling tips

A stylish, comfortable bed is what you need for your bedroom. You can style your bed like a pro by using the following tips and tricks:

1- Foundation

As a rule, we spend a third of our lives in our bed. So, a bed frame, mattress and sheets are worth your investment. Choose the highest- quality bedding that suits you the most. Further, the bed and bedding that fits your budget is the most suitable one for you. You can select the best affordable bed from your room. Moreover, comfortable mattress is important for a sound sleep. Further, when it comes to bedding. Bedding with the high-threat count is border because it feels nice to your skin. You won’t regret making this investment because your skin daily comes in contact with this. Therefore, avoiding cheap scratchy fabrics and the poor-quality mattress is beneficial for you.

2- Layering up

To make a bed look more inviting and stylish you need adding up layers to your bed. You can add quilt and duvet on the top of sheets. Simply you can choose textures, colours and patterns to create impact. For instance, you can use contrasting colours to highlight them. Some people prefer choosing natural white but you can opt for other lighter colours as well. Further, you can alter layers according to weather as summer mood is different from winters. It will also make your bedding in accordance with the outside environment.

3- Cushions

Next thing that can make your bed look better is the cushion. There is no right or wrong number you should choose. However, you can the 9’s arrangement or anything you like. But you have to consider you bed size and available size before choosing cushions. Similarly, you can arrange them according to your taste. You can use them differently to add more interest and depth. You can stack them or place them behind your day pillows to fill the space to the headboard. Eventually, this is something you can move and rearrange on daily basis to change the overall look of your bed. 

4- Final touches

These final touches can help to put your bed together. For this, you can add a folded throw or a coverlet at the foot of the bed. You can even layer few if you want an extra cozy look. It will improve the texture and help you pull together your selected colour scheme. You can stack a few books or picture frames with some lighting to upgrade the surrounding spaces.

Things to remember

You can get various ideas from the internet or magazines to style your home. However, there are a few things you need to consider while designing your bedroom:

1- First and foremost, carefully choose your colour scheme. You can go for light, soothing colour shades to make the environment feel calm and serene.

2- Secondly, don’t overlook your room ceiling as you face it when you lie in the bed. You can use wallpapers, wall paints and other textural elements to the roof.

3- Moreover, the bedroom should look elegant. For this, don’t stuff your bedroom with unnecessary items. Simply keep the accessories to a minimum.

4- Further, choose the right size of furniture for your bedroom. Don’t choose bigger ones as it will occupy most of the available space. On contrary to this, small size furniture will not create the impact. 5- Lastly, you can consider multiple lighting options as well as a variety of storage spaces.

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