How to view your Facebook profile as someone else

How to view your Facebook profile as someone else

I feel your social media feeds tell a lot about you as a person. Your postings, likes and comment are key to analyze how a person whose Facebook page we are viewing is because you can never be cautious with what you share. If you still do, your comments and likes will fill the void. 

And if your profile has public privacy, forget what actually privacy is because anyone can invade your profile and see your activities, postings, tagging, interest, personal details, etc.

With 2.80 million active users on Facebook today, it’s crucial to maintain your confidentiality while being connected to the whole world. You might not know what information of yours is being mishandled or sell on the dark web.

However, Facebook is already iterating its features since its first debut. It cannot make you very sure but extra vigilant of your activities.

Why Would Anyone Want To View Their Facebook Profile As Someone Not In Their Friend List?

Why Would Anyone Want To View Their Facebook Profile As Someone Not In Their Friend List?

You should never foregrant your Facebook activities, especially your postings and photos. You might think your activities and content are secure, but to be honest, if they are in public mode, they are not, and anyone else not on your friend list can overrun them and mug them for personal gain.

Putting your Facebook page in public exposes you to many online security threats, and you might end up ruining and messing up your and your families data because it’s definite how much of a loss you can face. Therefore, it’s better to be watchful; you never know how much a mugger can scrape off your personal data using a single picture.

However, it isn’t easy to analyze how many of our posts are on public mode because many of us fluctuate between uploading our posts on friends only to friends of friends and public and often forget to shift the privacy from one to another.

But, now, with Facebook’s “view as” feature, the work has become much quicker and easier. With a few clicks, you can view your profile as someone else out of your friend list and catch public post to turn them into friends or friends of friends privacy.

Facebook’s “view as”

Facebook’s “view as” feature lets you see your profile as someone other than your Facebook friend list. You can quickly look at which of your posts and photos are on public, and you can easily find the ones that can be at risk and set a friend or only me privacy to them.

This feature helps you manage your profile safely as you can easily indicate what posts privacy you need to adjust. The “view as” features not only allows you to see your posts, but you can also check your about section, past status updates, etc.

Facebook's “view as”

However, since you will be viewing your profile as someone else, you won’t be able to do any editing until you come out of that feature. Instead, it will give you a good security check of your profile, and you can later easily sort it out according to your preference. It’s just like the proofreading that I do after I write my essay UK. Nothing tricky.

To start analyzing your Facebook page from a mobile phone:

  • Log in to your Facebook account first
  • Now get to your profile page. You can either tap into the profile picture right from the top of your profile with “what’s in your mind” textbox or go to the main menu and tap into the same.
  • Next, click on the three dots that are beside your Add to story feature. And you’ll see a list of profile settings. 

If you are on the right page, your screen will look like this

  • Now bring down the cursor to the “view as” option, and now you can view your profile as public. It will also give you another two options, “edit profile” and “exit view”, which you can proceed with after complete viewing your account timeline.

 If you want to use “view as” from the desktop, then the features will remain the same but enabling would be a bit different.

All you need to do is:

  • Open your account page and click on your profile. Same as you would in your cell phone
  • Now click the three-dot menu and choose “view as” and ta-da! There you go.
  • After you are done checking your profile and want to exit, click on your browser’s back button.
  • And, you are back to the homepage.

However, you don’t have to do this regularly. Checking one in a month how your profile looks to the public is a great privacy checkup.

Some Additional Privacy Options To Keep In Mind

Since postings and uploading can be a significant risk, as you know, try other privacy and security options for your account too, so that you can identify any unrecognized logins and keep track of what rolls up on your account page.

Two of the main stars of Facebook privacy, according to personal statement help, include:

1. Reviewing the Post You’re Tagged in before They Appear on Your Profile

It’s annoying when your friends tag you on some random post, and it gets glued to your timeline.

To avoid happening this:

  • Head to the main menu of your profile page
  • Go to settings, and then profile and tagging
  • You will see different sections there, check reviewing and click on the third option
  • It will give you a disable or enable switch, choose according to your prerequisite.

2. Alerts About Unrecognized Logins

Besides removing your post from private, you can now also improve the security of your account by receiving an alert when someone tries to log in to your account from unknown devices. This feature tells you the then-unknown device used for login and where is it located.

To get these alerts:

  • Go to the main menu and scroll down to click privacy shortcuts
  • Next, in account security, click receive alerts about unrecognized logins and choose how you want to receive the alerts
  • Make changes and click save.

All these security edits will help you secure your account, and you can keep tracking your account performance.

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