7 Features That Make HR Software A Hit In The Indian Market

Businesses keep searching for mantras to stay afloat in the competitive market. It’s never the same company that remains on top and not all organizations struggle to survive. It’s a fleeting business and with changing time, the situations change for everyone. Now, talking about the HR software, the one solution that has taken everyone by a storm through the wonders it has done for so long is HRMS software. With such a massive department of every organization under control and streamlined through automation, it sure has led businesses to huge success. This is why employers and HR professionals always keep advancing and adapting to new ways to excel in the area. Even though there is no rulebook to follow in these matters, there are some tips that can help you make it big in the HR software domain.  

Let’s walk you through some of the HR software features that always hit the bull’s eye when it comes to the Indian market:


First things first, always put the user in mind while putting the software together and advertising it. Your prospective buyers should know what’s in it for the users. HR software in India is largely developed keeping the user requirements and choices in mind. So, the first feature is user-friendliness. The technicalities of the HR software must be easy to learn and operate. Moreover, it should be customizable & personalizable as per the user’s needs and is convenient to use in all the difficult situations.


Next comes an almost similar feature that can attract the attention of customers for HR products. The software must be employee centric. In India, businesses treat employees as their biggest asset and thus, their first priority. So, HCM suites like HROne are the HRMS of choice for 3.5 lakhs+ satisfied users. A common specification called ESS (Employee SElf-Service) is also an important part of HR software so that employees can perform almost all the tasks on their own and become self-sufficient and empowered. 


Another important factor that contributes to making an HR software popular is cloud storage. The presence of it in the HRM system makes the confidential data secure with the privacy and security controls. Now, cloud-enabled HR software also keeps the data centralized, making it shared and available to several locations while being stored and maintained even from one system. All in all, it takes care of the data management and related things.

Seamless Integration

Most of the HR processes go hand in hand. Meaning, it is a must to synchronize almost all the HR operations with each other. For instance, the time & attendance management software must be integrated with the payroll management system. Otherwise, there could be uninvited errors. 

HR Mobile App 

This feature is quite a unique one not only in India but also overseas. There must be a mobile application built for the HR software in India. It makes the HR jobs extremely easy and fun! The employees can perform functions on the go from anywhere at any time. Besides, the apps have exciting features that keep the employees updated and engaged. 

Latest Technology

Another obvious factor that can be considered to make HR software a hit is adopting the latest technology. All the new updates and modifications in the software must be incorporated to walk abreast with the contemporaries. The system must automatically be upgraded as per any changes in the software later on after implementation. 

Reasonable Pricing

Lastly, it all comes down to the bargain the user is going to make. Make sure you give them the best price for the software which is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Based on the HR operations that the software can automate, the efficiency of the processes, and how fit it is to make a business grow, a reasonable range of prices should be finalized and released in the market for the buyers.

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