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Shades Fixing Dubai is absolutely not the hardest task to do. In any case, with long stretches of involvement available, curtain fixing realizes how to pick the perfect sort of window frill that will go hand in glove with your home’s tasteful plan. As any decorator will let you know, window treatments make a room — however just when picked effectively. With regards to window treatment, it’s a matter of shading and texture, length and covering, and specially designed versus off-the-rack.  With endless choices, it’s anything but difficult to feel overpowered, so we approached a couple of experts for counsel on narrowing down the alternatives and choosing the correct drapes for your home. We at Curtain Fixing Dubai deals with a wide range of curtains as well as provide installation services.

With choosing the right style and color it is important to fix your curtains properly so that they exactly give a completely charming look to your windows. Many people try to do curtain fixing by themselves and in the end, they have to come through many issues every month or maybe a week. Choosing the best window treatment costs much and it is not a thing to replace so early so instead of fixing your curtains inefficiently it is recommended to take help from any professional team. At Curtain Fixing Dubai,  Our expert team of a qualified professional is always ready to help our customers with high-quality installation services. Our curtains installation process goes through a number of steps which after ends with guaranteed reliability for your window treatment to stay long with the same look. Read this article further to know how we fix your curtains perfectly:

  • After you have chosen the window treatment, now it’s time to install. The very first step is the measurement of your window vertically or horizontally as to exactly choose the right length for the rod. 
  • Then you have to decide the rod place is it ok up on the window casing or over the window.
  • Measure the height from curtains to the floor because curtains that are too short will look awkward to touch the floor.
  • Set your relative bracket location for the rod. Make sure that your all measurement is at the exact level by marking with them.
  • Drill the holes for the bracket and put the rod over the bracket to check the perfect level.
  • After everything is done then add your curtains to the rod and then hang it on a bracket and check your curtains for crookedness. 

Measurements are not so easy to take, you must be experienced for that. All the above mentioned steps should be keenly done with proper measurement. Curtain Fixing Dubai is a well-known firm serving for many years for curtains fixing and installation services and due to their high-quality services and most importantly the extreme customer care makes them stand on top. 

So if you have any issues concerning installation selection, or anything else, you can always contact our support team. We are always eager to serve our clients with their queries. As far as affordability then you don’t have to worry about that too we always make your purchase comfortable for you at a really affordable budget. Get a free consultation today for your curtain fixing and installation services from Curtain Fixing Dubai, and also get a free quotation!

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