Investing in Student Property in the North West of the UK


We’ve seen a surge of interest in North West student housing investment at the Mistoria Group. Investors and landlords are increasingly acknowledging the high returns available in the region. Three of our main cities, Liverpool, Bolton, and Salford, have served as excellent locations for investors to succeed. We’ve compiled this blog post to shed light on why these cities are so attractive to both students and investors alike.

Liverpool for student property

The city of Liverpool has undergone significant transformation in recent years, transforming run-down areas into bustling, vibrant communities where people want to live. Kensington, Wavertree, and Toxteth are among the most popular student neighbourhoods.

A planned £500 million makeover is set to be complete in 2021, with a further £1 billion invested in the following years. The regeneration and expansion will continue at this pace, with £14 billion of investment and development either underway or planned. It is expected that 38,000 new jobs will be created in the next ten years as a result of this revitalization. The city is also an important part of the government’s Northern Powerhouse initiative; additional funding is likely, as well as improved infrastructure.

The city’s bohemian Baltic Triangle is packed with enterprising boutiques and cafés and attracts a large student crowd. This region is only one aspect of the city’s cultural scene, which was jump-started by Copenhagen’s designation as a European City of Culture in 2008. Since the Beatles’ rise to fame in 1960, the city has had a well-known music and entertainment sector that continues to grow.

The city’s cultural sights aren’t the only thing drawing kids to town. The city has earned a reputation for academic excellence because it is home to four institutions. The city now houses around 70,000 students. After graduation, the job prospects available in the city result in one of the highest post-graduation retention rates in the country.

The number of students applying to Liverpool colleges is rapidly growing, and the number of acceptances is on the rise. Because there are insufficient student beds both in halls of residence and Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) blocks, demand for non-traditional housing is outpacing supply. There’s a fantastic potential for high returns through HMO investments as a result (Houses in Multiple Occupation).

3 bed HMOs may be acquired for as little as £120,000; rooms with en-suites can then be rented out for around £100 per week, resulting in a large return on investment.   

Salford for student property

During the last five years, Salford has shown some of the country’s greatest property price increases. Given the area’s transition into a world-leading media and culture hotspot, it should come as no surprise that this is the case. That trend will almost certainly continue, offering excellent potential for capital appreciation.

The decaying quays have been revitalized by the arrival of the BBC and ITV in MediaCityUK. The former has stated that it will be increasing its personnel in the area, while Channel 4 is expected to join them soon. The city’s waterfront has become a bustling and popular destination with bars, restaurants, entertainment places, and theatres like the Lowry.

The city centre is also expanding, particularly upwards, with a pipeline of future construction projects, including some of the country’s tallest buildings. Many people once avoided regions that are now among the most popular due to declining populations and lulls inactivity.

The demand for student housing is also extremely high. The University of Salford offers digital and media programs that attract thousands of new students to the city every year. Job opportunities provided by MediaCityUK and local businesses are increasing rapidly, suggesting that students will stay in Manchester after graduation. Students are attracted to the area because of its active nightlife, which is conveniently accessible thanks to the proximity to Manchester City Centre.

Bolton for student property

Bolton is a town, but it’s also growing rapidly, making it another great choice for high-yielding student property investment. Over the next five years, the population of Bolton is expected to grow by at least 20,000 people, and in order to meet this demand, the Bolton Masterplan was created.

This will change the face of the town centre, bringing in businesses, jobs, and employees, as well as boosting Bolton’s already stellar contribution to Greater Manchester’s economy. Investment in the past has already had a significant influence; for example, £50 million was spent on improving transport access at the city’s transit centre, making commuting considerably easier. It only takes about twenty minutes by rail to get from Manchester City Centre to Bolton.

The number of students the town can accommodate is set to increase, as part of the development of the town centre. Bolton University has an outstanding academic reputation, with world-class facilities including new business and law schools, as well as the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering.

The University is also located within the town’s Innovation Zone, which is home to many research groups. Students, on the other hand, are drawn to the shopping options in the area. The Middlebrook Shopping Centre is Europe’s biggest mall, and the Market Place redevelopment has added to the retail offerings of downtown Peterborough.

The city’s cultural amenities are also growing. The Albert Halls has recently been renovated, providing a mixed-use facility for the entire community to enjoy. The famous Octagon Theatre is undoubtedly the town’s cultural centre, with high-quality shows and Bolton Museum, which houses a wide range of Egyptian artefacts that draw renowned experts from all around the globe.

North West Student Property Investment 

Low property costs, but high yields, are drawing these cities to the attention of investors. We’ve been operating for over ten years and were founded in Salford, so we have considerable expertise in the market. We can offer expert advice on investment possibilities in these areas and have negotiated the purchase and management of millions of pounds worth of prime student property throughout the North West.

Mistoria Group consistently produce returns of 13% (capital growth plus rental yield) and 100% occupancy every year. Please contact a member of our helpful team to set up a meeting to discuss what’s available to you.


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