Living in Hostel and Run Out of Money, Use of Financial Help

When you graduate high school and step into a new world of education, there is no special code of conduct, and you are required to focus on your study and thus make a career.

And you also want to live upon your life’s terms and conditions. The place that provides you this type of environment is often considered a hostel. A hostel is a place where every individual belonging to any lineage, age, or background should try to live there at least once in his life.

If you ask people who have lived up in hostels, in my view, most of them would admire their living there. I recently asked a newly settled man about his success. He haphazardly answered that the hostel’s role in his life had really changed his path and led him to success.

This example encouraged me to write this blog based on hostel life. A person who joins hostel life in his life will build the confidence to deal with any problem coming in his life as many of the issues generated in his life while staying up in the hostel had taught him to cross every obstacle.

Through this blog, I shall be focusing on the living standards of hostel dwellers, their pros and cons, and finally, explain the relevance of finance in its recovery.

Why living in hostels?

As I mentioned above, one should try to live hostel life because a person gets no experience of dealing with the problems of the world and might lose his potency to fight against them if he never experienced hostel life.

Living in a hostel might be cheap, fun, and exciting, but not easy. Since the experience it confers are at an extreme level. We have to deal with so many people like us or opposite to our personality. Sometimes we do seek their support, whether it is emotional or financial.

Some people may dislike us, and they started teasing us all day and find reasons to make us fall into unwanted situations or troubles. Whatever experience good or bad, they teach us a lot, so I recommend everyone spend their life moments there.

When we see our lives in the hostel, it seems more unlikely from other places. These places are designed explicitly for schools and colleges to provide safe, economical, and healthy accommodation.

However, they are constructed for the purpose mentioned above, but sometimes they are offered to random visitors who travel long distances and find economical than hotels. Therefore the hostels also shelter them for some days in exchange for minimal fees.

Along with providing dormitory living space to its occupants, it can also tarnish how we used to live earlier before entering this. It spills its impacts over the hosteller and has definite pros and cons.


In the hostel, interactions with different personalities enlarge our confidence, and life becomes full of mirth and studies opportunities. We are getting engaged in friendship bonds and constant touch with the same age people for sharing notes and assignments, food, and many happy moments.

It means we can do a lot of activities other than studying. This is amusing. Through these constant interactions, we build a sense of mutual understanding, and we stand a way ahead of understanding priorities.  We get the brain to sense the shame and respect for others.

The various other advantages include:

  • A sense of freedom from the family disputes and pressure as in hostel, a person lives in a studious environment and hardly gets de-motivated.
  • He inhibits the quality of cooperating friends and classmates, which later becomes useful in the company where he would be deployed.
  • Living in a hostel can save your time and travelling expense
  • By making superior bonding with anyone can last for the lifetime, he can understand your problems and comforts and always stand with you.
  • Hostel accumulates the best and needed study environment to not ever distract from any noise or different activities.


We have seen the merits of hostels but cannot leave its disadvantages. For some individuals, hostel life is awful and does not even narrate it with the excellent experience. They often counter with the persons of bad company and build bad habits in themselves.

Lets us see what bad experiences one can get from the hostels:

  • Ragging is the obsolete activity prohibited in almost all hostels, but only one who has gone through it can tell the inside story.
  • The influence of bad companies may fall hostellers in the drinking liquors, smoking, and even make them druggist.
  • Sometimes inferior accommodation provided by some hostels and person decided to leave in the mid of the year as he has already received a bad experience
  • Distorted routine that we have to cater

Financial support for hostellers

For a person who lives in a hostel or already living there, the apparent chances of getting out of money is possible at once or many times. This issue can be resolved by applying for loans. Those with adverse credit and cannot access loans from any source can easily apply for very bad credit loans in which no guarantor or no broker is entertained.

In the Nutshell

It is very well known that every person has his personal experience and perspective to live in that space but to view the best experience can be attained by self-realisation, and that will come from self stay in the hostel.

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