MilesWeb vs. ResellerClub: Which is the Best Reseller Hosting Partner?

Reseller hosting is the point of concern for all those of you who are looking to start your own hosting business. In that case, the important point here is to get what is best for your business because in the initial phase of any business what you look for is the package that anyone offers to you. After all, as an entrepreneur what you look for is the best base for your business. If it starts well then it is definitely going to go well. In any case, no one in this world wants a vehicle that starts with some hurdles in the initial phase of its business journey. Similarly in the hosting business, if you initiate in the best possible way then you are definitely looking forward to a remarkable journey ahead.            

Reseller hosting is a very different ball game than regular web hosting. It allows you to reap the profits of a hosting company with comparatively low maintenance costs. This is because you need not worry about the infrastructure and induction of required staff for the backend essentials. All these prerequisites are taken care of by the hosting provider. For you to be a reseller, first you need to understand two major points and necessities to consider the best fit for your business.

It is for whom?

As stated earlier, reseller web hosting enables you to be the middle-man between the reseller provider and the end customer. In that case, you need to understand the need of your customers which includes features such as, bandwidth, space, cPanel, etc. All this is best suited for developers, designers, or someone who has a brief knowledge of the web arena. 

Now even if you belong to one of the above sections then there are certain circumstances to consider:

  • You don’t have enough budget.
  • You don’t have enough technical expertise.
  • Enough topographical or geographical spread of data centers.
  • Won’t be able to provide customer support round the clock.

If you face any one of the above issues, then reseller hosting is certainly the best option. It gives you a wholesome solution to start your own hosting business. 

How to be a reseller? What is the initial preparation required?

To be a hosting reseller, you need to do the following:

  • Proper and precise enough market research.
  • Choose the most suitable package as per your requirement.
  • Select a payment gateway option to accept payments from the customers.
  • Launch your website and design hosting plans to facilitate your profit.
  • To advertise and market your website to enhance sales.

Now, as all other things are sorted, let us initiate the research with 2 of the most popular reseller hosting provider in the market MilesWeb and Reseller. Let us see what do they have in store for us and do they actually serve the way they assure to, and which one is comparatively best for us.


MilesWeb’s windows reseller hosting is one of the best reseller options for developers, designers and freelancers, and budding entrepreneurs who are looking to manage and maintain multiple projects and websites. They’ve made sure that like all other plans they offer, reseller hosting plans are also kept low keeping the affordability feature intact. But this doesn’t cut down the features list that they offer. 

One thing to consider though is the restricted storage space available and the number of cPanel accounts offered in each plan. All their plans do come pre-installed with WHM, which is a great addition. 

MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans

From the above plan list, it is pretty clear that as you expand your business MilesWeb’s reseller hosting becomes more affordable. You can start with the Bronze plan, it being the most affordable from the other three yet feature-rich. 

All the MilesWeb reseller plans come with great bandwidth, unlimited domains, email accounts & a MySQL database. They’ve also included some necessary features like free SSL, domain reseller account, cPanel and Softaculous which can act as a unique selling point for your customers to start with. They also offer domain registration, free migration policy and resource scalability along with the technological features like Raid-10, SSD, website builder, WHM, malware and scan protection.  with all these features they do have an upper hand in high technology and top class support for a reseller.

Apart from all these features, their 30-day money-back guarantee and their professional and well content customer support team with service offered round the clock, MilesWeb definitely needs to be on the top of any reseller’s list for hosting. 


  • A limited number of cPanel 
  • Confined storage space with basic plans


  • Top class security with optimized performance.
  • Flexible and Affordable
  • 24/7/365 customer support


ResellerClub, as the name suggests, is completely dedicated to reseller hosting and it does give a better choice of products as it supports multiple hosting options such as shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud-based hosting. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With ResellerClub, you even get an option to resell the domain along with free cPanel, Softaculous one-click app installer, free migration performance optimization, upgrades and on-call support. So, if you are a reseller, you can get all these features offered by ResellerClub. Their network is CloudFlare CDN powered for high performance and speed. 

ResellerClub reseller hosting plans

All their plans do support unlimited cPanel but have disk space restrictions. But with the price point, you do miss out on some or the other thing.


  • Costly Renewals
  • Average Customer Support


  • Unlimited cPanels offered
  • Basic security features
  • Versatile support

Final Verdict

For all the budding entrepreneurs, freelancers, or developers reseller hosting is a good option to offer web hosting solutions for your clients along with your basic service, without any need to worry about the budget or infrastructure.

Both MilesWeb and ResellerClub differ in many aspects. But, the one that stands out in my view is MilesWeb as they provide an array of features and is a better option out of the two for reseller hosting. With their customer support and guaranteed 99.95% uptime, they do make the difference that will definitely be the deciding point for any reseller.

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