Netgear EX3700 Keeps Dropping WiFi Connection


Netgear EX3700 extender is one of the commonly used devices around the globe to get internet access all over the house or workplace. Despite this fact, most of the Netgear extender users sometimes come across a few technical glitches while using EX3700. One such issue is Netgear extender keeps dropping WiFi. This error prevents users from accessing their extender and the internet. If you are also sailing on the same boat, just go through this Netgear extender troubleshooting guide once. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Netgear EX3700 Keeps Dropping WiFi Connection

Update Netgear EX3700 Firmware

An obsolete Netgear extender firmware version can make your WiFi slow. So ensure to update the firmware of your Netgear extender to the latest version. Follow the steps outlined below to get the job done.

  • Firstly, launch an internet browser of your choice on a computer or laptop that is connected to Netgear_ext.
  • Login to extender via web address.
  • The extender menu will be displayed.
  • After login in successfully, go to the Advanced section.
  • Have access to the firmware update page.
  • Head towards the extender’s settings and select Firmware Update option.
  • Click on Check and if the new firmware is available, follow the on-screen prompts to update your EX3700.

Change the Extender Placement

You might be surprised by how much your WiFi speed is impacted by where your extender is placed. You want to find a spot for Netgear EX3700 extender that is up off the floor and centrally located in your home or workplace or in the area where the internet usage takes place the most.

Physical obstructions and WiFi interference can also be major culprits behind slow internet speed. To fix it, look out for any of these obstructions or interferences standing between your Netgear extender, router, and your connected devices:

  • Brick or concrete walls or floorings
  • Thick, huge, heavy doors and windows
  • Large containers of water for instance, fish tanks
  • Large metal appliances especially refrigerators and microwaves 

Do your best to move your Netgear extender or move these obstructions. Now, access mywifiext.local web page to verify your internet connection.

Reboot Your Extender

Your Netgear extender can get bogged down after running for a longer time. The easiest way to fix WiFi connectivity issue with your extender is to restart it. To restart or reboot your extender, unplug it, wait for some time and then plug it back in again.

Check Your Extender Settings

Your internet connection and your WiFi are only part of the speed equation. All the devices that you connect to your home network also play an important role. To get the best performance of your WiFi, make sure of the following:

  • Your devices are up to date
  • Apps are compatible with your devices
  • Software you are using isn’t corrupted
  • Internet browser is free of malware and spyware, and browsing history

Is Your Extender Configured Correctly?

Another important reason behind slow WiFi is improper or partial Netgear EX3700 setup. To get the most of your WiFi and the extender, set up your EX3700 correctly using the correct web address.

Check the Wiring

Another beneficial tip in this post is to check the wiring you have made between your Netgear extender, router, and other devices. Make sure that the Ethernet cable/ wire you are using is connected firmly. Also, ensure that you do not have your grandfather’s time Ethernet cable.

Tried everything and still need more speed?

If you’ve gone through the Netgear extender troubleshooting steps mentioned above and nothing works, try running the internet speed test to find out your download and upload speeds. Besides, to check what speed you are currently getting, check your plan details with your ISP. And if nothing worked, contact our experts via comments.

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