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ninja weapons

Ninja weapons hold an important place in history. They were used by ninjas who were warriors based out of a remote village in where China exists today. The warriors used these weapons against opponents to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Turning into a ninja was altogether a tough thing in itself. It required a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. The skills they acquired are widely known as martial arts today and are practiced worldwide. These skills gave the ninjas the ability to act at a lightning-fast speed, which resulted in outclassing the opponent in seconds.

There are a couple of weapons that the ninjas used, and each one of them was special for a unique reason. Today, you get to find the different types of ninja equipment with ease. You can decide which one to go for depending on your needs.

Ninja Weapons for Sale

There are a couple of different Ninja Weapons for sale available out there, where all of them are exceptional in one way or the other. The list below will help you in picking one for yourself:

Ninja Knife

The ninja knife was a small knife that the ninjas carried as a secondary weapon. The knife was effective in stabbing or causing serious harm to the opponent that was already down by a serious hit. Being small in size, it was easy for the ninjas to carry it as a secondary tool. You can do the exact thing with the knife because of its easy-to-go size. 


The nunchucks are one cool ninja weapon that you may have already seen a couple of times in movies. The weapon includes two metal sticks that are joined together with a chain. The weapon was used by hitting one side of it or by choking the enemies with the chain it had. Today, it is also used to demonstrate exceptional skills by martial artists. 

Sai Weapons

The sai weapons are a fork-shaped tool with the only difference being that they are larger versions of a fork. The weapon has a small handle that makes it easy to use. It was used for blocking stick and sword attacks and it was also used for stabbing purposes. The weapon was of great importance back then because it was effective for close combat.

Bo Staff

The bo staff is a wooden stick type weapon that was quite thick. It was used by the warriors to block opponent attacks and to hit them with it. They could hit one at a time by holding one end of the stick, or they could hit multiple at a time by flipping the stick at high speed. 

Ninja Stars

The ninja stars are cool ninja weapons that were used in the past. They may look similar to the throwing knives or the tomahawk because of their use; however, they were different. They were different because they were shaped like stars. The stars were heavy and had four to five pointed sides. The weapon was used by throwing it at the enemy or animal from a distance. As it comes with a pouch, you really should have one. 

Ninja Swords

Ninja swords are special swords that differ from regular swords that you every day see. They differ in terms of the blades they have. They have curved blades, a cut at the tip, and were short in size. The ninjas carried two at a time, and they proved to be quite good in combat. The swords are also known as the katana today. 

Ninja Uniform

Having selected a weapon from the ninja weapons list provided, you should not be leaving without purchasing the ninja uniform for yourself. The uniforms come in different colors, and you get them in different sizes that also fit kids. You should have the uniform to give yourself the look of a ninja. 

Uses of the Real Ninja Weapons

As the real ninja weapons held an important place back then, today, you get to see them in movies, events, and so on. You can go on to use them for your safety, just like the ninjas did in the past. For learning how to utilize them, you can watch Bruce Lee movies or tutorials online. 

Alongside being used for fighting and self defense, the next best thing that can be done is collection. You can create a collection out of these amazing ninja tools. They will attract everyone because of the different forms they come in. 

You can even gift them to history lovers and can make their day. As the weapons have been used in various movies, you can do the same if you are shooting a similar movie scene. You can even carry them to cosplay events if you are dressed up like a ninja. 

Buy Ninja Equipment at Low Prices Now

Now that you have the info on the ninja equipment types, let us get you familiarized with their pricing and where to get them from. The weapons are special but they are priced at a low. You can buy them for yourself, or you can buy them in bulk. 

They are available at all weapon business stores in the country and can also be purchased from online dealers like the Knife Import. Check out the ninja weapons available and set out for buying yours.

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