How to Protect Windows 10 PC’s from Ransomware?

Learn about Ransomware to protect Windows 10 PC

It is a kind of attack which is similar to a kidnapping. Attackers get hold of your data and ask for money from the victim if he wishes to get access to it. The files and folders get encrypted.

If the data attackers are having is a sensitive one, then it is a disaster for you. There are many ways through which ransomware can enter your system.

  1. The common way is malicious spam. Malware is sent through e-mails. They appear to be genuine but contain ransomware. The moment you open the mail, it enters your system.

The attackers design attachments in a way that they appear to be genuine. They use social engineering to bring fear to the victim.

  1. Another common way is This is done through illegitimate advertisement. Even trusted websites can take you to the advertisement website without clicking on it.

After it enters your system, it notes down details of your computer and location.

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Types of ransomware to protect Windows 10 PC’s from

Let us look at the types of ransomware that can attack your PC anytime. Protect Windows 10 PC from them.

  1. Scareware

Under this, you get pop-ups of the attack and ask you to pay if you want to get rid of it. If you don’t pay, the pop-ups will continue to be displayed on the screen.

It will only scare you, but your files will remain safe. It is just a way to scare and get money from the victim.

  1. Screen lockers

Under this kind of attack, the screen freezes, or you can say your computer gets blank.

After restarting it, a window will appear with a message from the FBI or the US Department of Justice saying that your computer has been doing illegal activities; therefore, you need to pay a fine.

FBI never does such things; it works through legal channels when it finds illegal activity.

  1. Encrypting

This is the most dangerous one. Under this, your files and folders get encrypted. Attackers ask for money if the victim wants back his files.

No security software can get you back your data. You will lose it once it goes under the control of hackers.

Protect Windows 10 PC from Ransomware

Let us look at some ways to protect Windows 10 PC from ransomware.

  1. Always use controlled folder access.

The tools that detect ransomware are already present in Windows 10. By enabling controlled folder access, you can protect your PC.

It allows only those applications that are trusted to access files and folders. It does not work automatically; you need to turn it on. You can customize it as well.

  1. Do backup properly

The easy way to counter ransomware is by having a backup of your files and folder already. It attacks your data, and when you have it, you need not pay for it as you can restore files.

When it comes to fighting against ransomware, it is better to choose the right backup technique. Cloud-based storage is better than backup on a drive that is attached to the PC.

Your drive also gets infected the moment PC will get infected. Therefore, get help from an expert to choose the best way.

  1. Try to get free ransomware protection.

Many antivirus software has in-built protection from ransomware. Some especially target different types of ransomware.

Most antiviruses are paid, but some are free. Some of them are Bitdefender, MoMoCrypt, and many others.

  1. Stay patched

Patches appear on Windows 10 after certain intervals and are automatically applied to it.

You should wait for Windows action after hearing ransomware. But you should also update yourself to face such situations.

  1. Disable macros

Macros are one of the ways for malware to enter your system. You must turn them off. You can turn them on when you feel it is safe to do.

Other than the above ways, you need to know everything about Windows 10 and ransomware. With improper knowledge, you cannot take further steps for protection or countering the attack.

Take help from a professional to learn about both.

Final verdict

You need to learn to protect Windows 10 from ransomware. Such kind of attacks creates mental trauma and disrupt the normal functioning of your PC.

With proper security, you can successfully protect Windows. The attack has brought many organizations and companies to a situation of standstill. Have complete knowledge of Windows 10 after installing.

Be vigilant and find ways to come out of such a terrible situation despite fearing.

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