3 Ways You Can Safely Host a Gathering during a Pandemic

3 Ways You Can Safely Host a Gathering during a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has defined so many parts of our lives that it feels like any sense of normalcy is gone over the last year.  Healthcare workers haven’t seen their family in ages, people are avoiding hair cuts and vacations, and parties are unheard of.  We can’t put our lives on pause, though.  Birthdays still happen every day of the year, and so do engagements.  The need to keep apart can leave these achievements feeling empty.

We want to celebrate

If you’re trying to figure out how to create a fun celebration or party without the fear of anyone getting sick, here are your best options.  Just remember, you can still have fun with it!  Save an in-person party for when the pandemic passes!


Drive-In Movies

Drive-in movies are an incredible way to let people feel closer together, although they can’t share the same seat.  You can set up your drive-in theater using a projector, a screen, some speakers, and some creativity.  Cars should keep six feet apart, at least, if people have their windows down to listen.  This space will allow you to keep your distance while also laughing together and enjoying the movie.  A fun option may be that people bring their snacks and set up a group chat to talk about the film.  Although you can put something similar by streaming together as a group, there’s something special about getting to be close to each other- even if you can’t be face to face.  Ensure everyone agrees to follow the rules and social distances.  You can tweak this by hiring musicians to play live to a car audience.  If you book music talent, be sure they know what they’re in for!

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Drop Off Potluck

Potluck meals are a fun and mostly safe way to gain the familial support needed during large life changes.  If someone you care about just got engaged, you could celebrate the couple by organizing a potluck dinner for them.  To achieve this, everyone should get into a group chat together and discuss what they’re willing to cook.  You can make multiple portions and drop them off at various addresses, but the best way to use this is to celebrate one household.  Cook delicious food, put it in a safe container, and ask the person receiving things to set out a chair or bench people can set their food upon.  You can also tuck little notes or gifts in with what you drop off and let them know how much you care.

The Online Party

At this point, almost everyone in America has been to an online party.  This plan involves organizing, a group chat, and a hosting site that will let everyone share their camera.  Unfortunately, this means there will be more physical distance between everyone.  But it also means that this is the safest route to go.  Pick a time and a theme, and have everyone dress up for fun.  The best parties are zanier with costume themes- but that doesn’t always have to be the case!  You could even combine this option with others by mailing or dropping off packages with each other to open as gifts on camera. 

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