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Putting Out The Cigar – The Dos & Don’ts

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All those James Bond movies and Sherlock movies have made men fond of cigars because of how it looks so classic and straight out of heaven. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cigars not only look classic, but one incredible smoke of cigar promises the relaxation like nothing else. With this being said, you will come across multiple cigar packaging options in the market, but none of them come with the right techniques of putting out the cigar. So, in this article, we are sharing the right way to put out the cigar that promises a safe smoking experience!


We all know that stubbing the cigar after smoking is a common practice, but it doesn’t make it right. We are pretty sure that you have seen someone stubbing out the cigar once they were done with it but believe us, this action is the literal enemy of the cigar. This is because the stubbed out cigar will give off a very unpleasant aroma, which is the last thing you want. In addition, that unpleasant aroma will stick to your clothes and the entire where you smoked. 

Burning Out

Okay, so you cannot stub the cigar, but are you supposed to burn it out? Should you let the cigar burn out on its own in the ashtray? Should you let it burn out independently? Yes, you should let all these things happen because cigars are made from pure tobacco leaf, which means they will burn themselves out. So, everything will be efficient and will be completed naturally.

Removing The Band 

For people who are taking the burn out approach for the cigar, they need to remove the band before putting It in the ashtray. Also, after removing the band, make sure that you discard it somewhere far from the ashtray. With this being said, you can stash it in the dustbin or collect the bands if you are such a person. 

Removing the band is important because it tends to smolder and burn up when the cigar is burning out around it. This will not only lead to a foul smell, but the paper will also keep burning in the ashtray. In some cases, it can even lead to fires, so it’s pretty much a hazard that you must avoid. 

Wait For The Cigar 

Well, it’s never good to cry over spilled milk because if you left the cigar to burn out and it created afar, you are to be blamed for this because you didn’t deal with it properly. That’s to say, because you need to ensure that the ashtray in lying firmly in the ashtray so it doesn’t roll out on the floor. In addition, the cigar must be cooled down before you take off. 

With this being said, when you put out the cigar and wait for it to cool down, it will promise zero ignition. In addition, make sure that you put out the cigar completely, and it’s cooled down before you stash it in the dustbin.

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