Some Of The Best Tips To Spend Free Time During Lockdown


The whole country is in fear of the coronavirus spreading in the form of a global epidemic. Different areas of the country have been locked down. According to government guidelines, all people have to spend time in their own homes. But how to pass the time? How to keep fresh of mental health? How to protect child from this pandemic and stop connecting with other kids? All questions are rounding in our mind. So we are here to solve your all problems and bring some amazing tips to spend free time during lockdown.

Make a list:

Make a list of how you will spend your holidays. If you have work from home, you have to work on time. So make a long list of what to do or how to spend the rest of your time without work. For those who don’t care about work from home, make a nice list of how to spend from morning to night. Spend time according to the list, you will not see laziness or boredom.


In leisure time we usually scroll Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. on mobile. However, leave these at this leisure and watch movies with your family at home. You can select the best cartoon series to watch with your kids. Choose a time of day to listen to your favourite songs. Take out the dusty guitar, harmonium and start practicing again.

Spending time with family:

The best time to spend leisure time with your family. Under the pressure of work, many cannot focus on their families. So, many children now suffer from loneliness. So spend time at home with your child or family in this lockdown.

Learn a language:

There is a saying in English “More languages ​​equal more opportunities” that is, the more languages ​​you know, the more opportunities you will have. So focus on learning some language of your choice during this leisure time. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. You can master different languages ​​at home through different websites and YouTube channels.

Tidy and clean the house:

Due to our busy schedule, we are unable to keep our homes clean and tidy. In that case, with the help of this long lockdown, clean your house every day to disinfect your house. Arrange everything in the house neatly.

Read the book:

The best friend of leisure can be a ‘book’, it can be a story book or a book of learning. If you love to read, you can read books by different authors at this time. As well as reading, tell stories to children.

Exercise and Meditation:

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. So, according to experts, do some free hand or exercise with your family as a rule to spend your abundant leisure time well. But not outside the house or going to the gym, start physical exercise on the balcony or roof of the house in this lockdown. The body will be good. If you feel bored, do meditation and pranayama every morning and afternoon. However, keep the pranayama lockdown on even after it is over. Because, they relieve mental stress.


Most of the days under the pressure of work do not cook and eat with your own hands. Most people spend their days eating food bought outside. If you love to cook, make some new foods or some of your favourite foods in this lockdown. However, eat small amounts of food to stay healthy at this time.

Make video calling:

Call relatives and friends who are away to spend time at this leisure. Connect with friends who are not in touch via video call. Not just work, refresh the memories of the school-college happy moments left behind.

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