Top 6 free spy apps for Android without target phones

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If you suspect your partner or partner, or you are a parent and notice withdrawal syndrome, which is common in your children in their teens and teens, you should consider monitoring their online activity. Nowadays, to spy on cell phones as much as possible, finding a practical spyware application can be challenging. Remember that one of the most important considerations when searching for the best spies on the internet is secure.

Which are the six free spy apps for Android without target phones?

Android smartphones have very high-security features. Users can enable passwords and block fingerprints as well. You can also find facial recognition locks on many devices. Hence, it is not a very easy task to spy on someone’s cell phone, even if you have physical access to it. For example, an employer cannot verify an employee’s phone number. Parents can’t just look at their children’s cell phones.

In most cases, it is essential to spy on someone’s cell phone data. You may suspect that your employees are involved in carrying out their online activities while in the office. Apart from that, changes in your children’s behavior can be a reason to check your phone.

You don’t need natural and physical access to the device to hack an Android phone. You can track device data from remote locations. Do it with spyware application.

To use spyware, you only need one access to the target device. After the installation, there are a few simple configuration steps to complete.

Spyier App

It’s hard to spy on Android when you don’t have access to the target phone. So we needed a way to access it once so we could remotely access the results later. It is what Spyier meant before delivering a smooth spying session.

Do the pairing of the target phone once. During setup, Spyier releases a feature you’ll be grateful for later. The stealth mode specification allows him to hide while spying. That way, the target phone user never knows it’s available.

Most importantly, Spyier doesn’t require any rooting technique. It means the target phone will not change after installation. Since the information runs in the background, it provides in a secure cloud outside of the phone.

Access is via the account you purchased before deploying the target application. Because it’s present online, you can access it anywhere with any device that has internet. Besides, the dashboard with results is compatible with all browsers.


Minspy didn’t log in until the next day and was helping people spy on the newest Android itself. You can also use earlier versions, but not on Android 4.0. Minspy can also spy on all the necessary details from the target cellphone and transmit them remotely.

First, install it once on the target phone and activate the stealth mode feature. No rooting is required, which means the process is fast and quiet. Later, log in to your account to view the updates.

Minspy collects all your contacts, SMS, browsing history, media files, and more. To see the complete list of features of this app, you need to visit the main website. You can log in anywhere because the dashboard works with all browsers.


Spyine will also secretly spy on Android and give you results in a secure online account. It has a stealth mode feature that lets you hide from the cell phone of the offender. It is also a rootless solution that requires a maximum setup time of five minutes.

Do the installation of the target device once. Find all kinds of activity that can go on your account, from making calls to third-party apps. It is possible to log in with any device on the internet. Spyine web portal is compatible with all browsers.


Neatspy is a pioneer in spyware applications. This application is legal to use and works without making any changes to the target device. Creating a clean account is easy enough. You can log into your account using a browser. Neatspy is one of the best spyware applications out there and continues to deliver outstanding results.


Xnspy allows you to monitor the target Android device while respecting user privacy. However, the same is not valid for the price, as it does not replace other competitors. Xnspy has various parental control features and applications, mainly focusing on controlling and setting deadlines for children’s use of their devices while blocking access to dirty websites.


Previously, Spyra was a significant player in the world of espionage applications. It has many features that offer many different methods of getting data from the target Android phone. Spyera lost its place when the price got high, really big. Spyera couldn’t cope with the entry of new competitors and lost to newcomers several times.

Few More spy apps for Android

we have listed down few other spy app for android phone

  • FamiSafe Android Monitoring App.
  • FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware.
  • MobiStealth Phone Monitor.
  • mSpy Mobile Monitoring App.
  • CocoSpy Android Spyware.
  • SpyEra Mobile Spy App.
  • AppMia Mobile Monitoring App.
  • Highster Phone Spyware.


Many of these spyware applications have free or completely free trials. Most of these apps also have a stealth feature that makes app icons invisible from the app drawer and a list of apps installed on your phone and makes them invisible.

The key to choosing the cheapest Android spy applies to the way you interact with your service provider. You need to find out if the application you are about to buy has an adequate recovery policy and prompt customer support. 

FAQs About Android Spy

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