Tips to Start Vlogging with iPhone in 2020

If you’re a vlogger, the good news is that you can get a camera to film on a budget.

If you’re a content creator, a social media fan or just someone who travels the internet, you’ve probably come across the term vlog – and you may be wondering what it means. Here’s a hint: it refers to the use of vlogging cameras. We will also cover this topic.

If you’re serious about vlogging, a dedicated vlogging camera is an incredibly useful investment to get stable, high quality video to impress your audience. But sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to buy a separate camera just for your vlog.

Luckily, your iPhone is probably always by your side, and smartphones can help you create a vlog. We’re not exactly suggesting that you use a smartphone for your videos if you have other options, but today’s iPhone cameras and video settings are powerful enough to record usable footage in the blink of an eye.

Let’s talk about what you should focus on.

Find the Right Apps

You could certainly use the native video function of the iPhone’s camera. However, this doesn’t always produce excellent video, and these cameras can sometimes have trouble capturing faces correctly without making them look… weird.

A better alternative is to download an application that makes the best use of the iPhone’s camera functions, such as Filmic. These apps provide a set of tools to adjust the image, track the action, adjust the frame rate, and much more.

One of these video and editing applications is a must if you want your video to look professional. However, you’ll need to spend time learning the application and its controls to gain confidence, so don’t be afraid to experiment with new software.

If you really don’t want to download and learn a new application, we suggest you transfer the video to a Mac and work with iMovie to edit it when you’re done.

Add accessories to your iPhone when you record

If you plan to use your iPhone in the near future, you should really invest in a few extra accessories that can make all the difference. For example, an iPhone based tripod is required for many types of vlogging, and advanced versions can be attached to bars or branches for outdoor work.

You may also consider a mini directional microphone compatible with the iPhone. Audio can be particularly tricky for an iPhone, but you want crystal-clear sound to post a vlog, so it’s tricky territory. A mini-microphone can be an expensive investment, but it can solve a lot of your audio problems, especially if you are in a noisier environment.

You can also consider many other accessories, such as a waterproof case or lenses specially designed for your iPhone. Find the right accessories you need, and you’ll be surprised at what your iPhone can do.

Tips to get started Vlogging

Don’t forget to use the landscape mode: The landscape mode, which consists of holding the phone horizontally, has become a basic video mode in today’s world of mobile streaming.

In fact, the weird formatting of the portrait mode is not very compatible with online publishing techniques and leads to visual problems, which is why landscape mode video is indispensable.

Also, the accessories we mentioned earlier are usually designed to work in landscape mode, not portrait mode (yes, you see some YouTuber teens taking videos in portrait mode, but they literally don’t know what they’re doing, so don’t worry about it).

Always turn on image stabilization: One of the problems smartphones have with longer videos is that they’re very sensitive to motion, which means the video can jostle and shake even if you think you’re standing still.

Image stabilization solves this problem. You should always make sure that image stabilization options are enabled in all the video applications you use – even if you also use a tripod, and especially if you’re moving around.

Lighting is important: there’s not much you can do with an iPhone to control lighting. However, you can move around very easily and find new camera angles.

It’s a good idea to find the angles that light up your subject the most. Since smartphones can be a little weird in the way they record light, it may be necessary to reposition them.

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