Step by Step Guide to Design WordPress Website

If you’re looking at ways to enter the digital world with your company. The first step you should take is to go live with your website. Now you only have so many ways to go by it if you don’t have a PhD in coding so you look at the next best option available. The web development company WordPress. The WordPress development company, in a nutshell, is a website that in short will help you make yours in the simplest way possible.

 Even if you’re just a beginner, it has an extremely simple interface that anyone can get. So in our blog, we’ll take you through a very simple guide to teach new entrepreneurs now to design a website. After reading this blog you should be able to design your website and stand out from the competition.

So hurry up, grab your mug of coffee and get set to learn to design your first website with us. So let’s jump into the details.


  1. Templates

Right at the homepage, you’ll see the button asking you to start with your website. You’ll be needed to sign up beforehand although. Now you get to work on the designs and templates, and you will be offered to choose from an abundant number of predesigned templates.

  1. Font

Next, you’ll be asked to choose your preferred font for the website. You can choose to see this in three visual angles, desktop view, tablet view and mobile phone view. Don’t worry though, you can always come back to change it later.

  1. Domain

Now you’ll come face to face with choosing your domain, etc. Of course, this will be paid unless you already have bought a domain name or you wish to choose the “WordPress” option. However, if you haven’t gotten to that and don’t know what to choose now you can skip for now and come back at the end.

  1. Features

To offer you the best services, this web development company will ask you the features you wish to use according to your need. Be it an online store or a blog site. As always you can skip for now and come around to it later.

  1. Customize

Now you’ll be asked to choose what payment plans you wish to go with as your need for storage. And as always, WordPress will offer a free choice but with limited storage options. You will have access to more features the more you’re willing to pay. After this, WordPress Development Company will take a few seconds to create your website according to your options. This is the main part as this is where you can add and remove texts and images. The top left of the page will give you options such as colours and fonts to choose from. Across from this, you’ll see options to update your site or to send it to live. Alongside previewing it to see how it would feel to the customers. You can add hyperlinks to text and images as well.

  1. Launch

After doing all you need, you can select the launch option and finish up. Next, you’ll be taken to the overview site to check and monitor traffic. This will mean your site is now live and public. On this page, you will be offered services such as to have your logo designed.


Now, that you have your site you can always continue to update it to keep making it up to date. Along with this you can always change your plans and pay more to get access to more features and storage for making your site better. This web development company offers multiple ways for you to make sure your website is always looking sharp. So are you ready to design your first website? Don’t forget to let us know how this blog helped you in the process.

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