Switch Your Site from Joomla to WordPress in 5 Simple Steps!

Joomla is indeed a great CMS (Content Management System). However, it is not as powerful as WordPress. 

That’s why many times, users wish to migrate from Joomla to WordPress. The best way to do it is to hire a WordPress expert and let the person do the switching task safely for your website and business. But even for that, you must have a basic idea of the steps and process to be personally and intellectually aware. It is also essential to connect and be on the same page with the developer you would hire. 

In this article, we will brief the steps that are required to convert Joomla to WordPress. 

So, with no more wait, let’s get started!

Getting Started

The prerequisites for both Joomla and self-facilitated WordPress are very comparative. There’s a requirement for a domain name and a hosting account for WordPress to begin with it. 

The odds are that, as of now, you may have a domain name and Joomla site already. The same can be utilized for your WordPress site also. 

On the off chance that you need to move to a different hosting provider, an alternative at that point could be Bluehost, one of the top hosting providers for WordPress. 

WordPress Installation and Set up

WordPress has a 5-minute installation process that is certainly one of its major assets. Numerous great WordPress hosting organizations will happen to naturally install WordPress for you. There are also 1-click WordPress installers for the same. 

When you are done with installing WordPress successfully, you will have the option to log in to your WordPress dashboard. 

Migrate Your Joomla Website to WordPress

After installing WordPress,  import your data from your Joomla site. 

Install and activate the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin. After activation, go to the Tools, Import page to see an import list for the installation of WordPress. Select and click on the ‘Run Importer’ tab or link underneath the Joomla (FG) importer. The Joomla (FG) importer script will then be dispatched. You would then have to share your Joomla site data, such as the site URL, database settings, etc. 

You can discover your database information from your Joomla site’s administrator panel. 

Subsequent to entering your database information, you need to click the ‘Test database connection’ button. In the event that everything is entered accurately, at that point, you will see a success message. The importer after this begins with gathering data from your Joomla site. This may take some time contingent upon how much content you have. When done with this, you will again see a success message. Make a note to hire professional WordPress developers experienced enough to carry this step with proper care and safety. After all, it is about all your data; you may never want to lose even a bit of it!

You have now successfully imported data to your WordPress site.

Redirects and Permalinks 

Your old Joomla site may have an alternate URL structure as compared to your WordPress site. This implies that the individuals who are looking for your article in web indexes will experience a 404 error. 

In order to rectify this issue, there is a need for you to set up permalinks to divert search engines and users to the new URL. 

Visit the Settings » Permalinks page in WordPress and beneath common settings select the post name option following the save spare changes button. 

The next step involves the installation and activation of the Redirection plugin on your WordPress site. After activation, go to Tools » Redirection page, and in the source URL field enter http://example.com/index.php/(.*) along with http://example.com/$1 objective URL field. 

Click over the ‘Add redirect’ button to save changes. 

WordPress will now automatically divert old Joomla site URLs to your new WordPress permalink structure.

Organizing a WordPress Theme 

Themes you see in WordPress are responsible for the appearance of your WordPress site. WordPress gives you admittance to a diversity of themes that you can utilize. 

There are numerous free and paid WordPress themes out there on the platform that you can install and use on your site. Nevertheless, not all themes are suitable for your site. You have to explore and consider the essence of your site to find the best match. 

Add WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins let you add new features and functionalities to your site. 

They can be used for different purposes, such as backup, enhancing security, and so much more. There are a huge number of free and paid WordPress plugins available that you can utilize. 

There is just the need to make the right choice and not flood your site with unnecessary plugins as it would make your site slow. Choose the ones that you actually need. 

The Bottom Line

WordPress is such an influential platform that switching to it from Joomla or any other platform is definitely a good decision. The best way to do so is to hire WordPress programmers and let the person do the task smoothly based on skills. 

In the end, just acknowledge all your requirements then proceed to the step of switching.

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